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    Tag Archive: California Water Commission

    Mar 12 2014

    California Water Commission hears an update on the Department of Water Resources Tribal Consultation Program

    The relationship between Native Americans and the federal government is a distinctive political one that has been set forth in the U. S. Constitution and subsequently defined through numerous treaties, statutes, executive orders and court decisions.  The United States recognizes tribes as ‘domestic dependent nations’ under its protection and the relationship between tribes and the …

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    Sep 30 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: California Water Commission in Oroville; hears an update on State Water Project organizational issues, the Thermalito fire, and Oroville FERC relicensing

    The September 18th meeting of the California Water Commission brought the commissioners to Oroville to discuss organizational issues regarding the State Water Project, hear an the latest on the Thermalito Pumping Plant fire, and receive an update on the status of FERC relicensing for the Oroville facilities.  In the afternoon, the commissioners toured the area …

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    Sep 18 2013

    Guest commentary: California Water Commission’s draft ‘Regulations for Quantifying the Public Benefits of Water Storage Projects’: Leveling the playing field

    The Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2009 (Water Code Section 74744), requires the California Water Commission to develop and adopt, by regulation, methods for the quantification and management of public benefits associated with eligible water storage projects.  The types of public benefits that would be eligible for funding are ecosystem improvements, …

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    Jul 24 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Phil Isenberg updates the California Water Commission on the Delta Plan, and the role of the Council in regards to the BDCP

    The Delta Stewardship Council’s role regarding the BDCP, as well as the multiple lawsuits filed over the Delta Plan were some of the topics discussed as Phil Isenberg, Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council, updated the California Water Commission on the status of the Delta Plan at their July 17 meeting. Mr. Isenberg began by …

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    May 05 2013

    California Water Commission sends letter to Secretary Laird outlining SWP recruitment and retention issues

    As a follow-up to the story, State Water Project reliability: It’s not just about the Delta, the California Water Commission has sent a letter to Secretary Laird outlining the State Water Project’s significant problems of maintaining qualified personnel to work in state facilities, given the disparity of wages between the public and private sectors. Wages …

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    Feb 18 2013

    Blog round-up: Delta smelt cutbacks, smaller tunnels, the BDCP, and the water bond, plus jobs!

    Off again, on again:  The big news last week was Tuesday’s press conference that had agency officials announcing that restrictions put in place to protect the Delta smelt had caused 700,000 acre-feet to flow out to the ocean instead of down the aqueducts, only to quietly turn the pumps back on later that day.The Delta …

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    Sep 20 2012

    Maven’s Minutes: The California Water Commission hears an update on dam safety

    With so many dams in California and the current dismal budget climate, perhaps you might have been concerned about the status of the state’s dam safety program?  Or maybe you hadn’t thought of it, but with over 1250 dams in California, it’s no doubt an important  issue.  Today’s Maven’s Minutes covers the presentation that David …

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    Jul 06 2012

    California Water Commission releases draft Strategic Plan for public review

    Serving as a public forum for statewide water issues, advising and overseeing the Department of Water Resources, and developing policies that result in both sustainable water management and a healthy environment are the goals of the California Water Commission, according to its draft Strategic Plan, recently released for public review. The 20-page document lays out …

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