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    Tag Archive: Bureau of Reclamation

    Jun 29 2013

    Raising Shasta Dam: Reclamation releases the Draft Environmental Impact Statement; public review period begins

    The Bureau of Reclamation has released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for raising Shasta Dam, opening up a 90-day public comment and review period.  The draft EIR evaluates five different alternatives that would raise the dam from 6.5 feet to 18.5 feet, enlarging the reservoir by 256,000 to 634,000 acre-feet.  A  no-action alternative is analyzed as well. Reclamation says the project, …

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    Apr 16 2013

    Consolidated Delta smelt and salmonid cases update: Court grants a one-year extension on biological opinions

    The Eastern District Court has granted the request of the water and federal fish agencies to extend the deadline for rewrite of the Delta smelt and salmonid biological opinions by one year in order to implement an adaptive management program.  The extension falls short of the three-year extension that the agencies had been requesting; however, …

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    Feb 13 2013

    Take of Delta smelt nears limit, triggering cutbacks in Delta water exports


    On February 12, 2013, agency officials held a press conference to announce that mandatory restrictions put in place to protect Delta smelt had reduced water deliveries from the Delta by 700,000 acre-feet since November 1, which they say is enough to supply 1.4 million homes for a year or irrigate more than 200,000 acres of …

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    Feb 01 2013

    Weekend reading: Delta smelt court documents!

    I couldn’t let you go home for the weekend without giving you some reading material.  On Wednesday, ACWA’s Water News and the Fresno Bee reported that Judge Wanger’s replacement, U.S. District Judge Lawrence J. O’Neill, has initially has declined a request for a three year extension to rewrite the biological opinions for the Delta smelt …

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    Nov 07 2012

    Maven's Minutes: Reclamation's Terry Fulp and a new agreement with Mexico that has environmental benefits for the Colorado Delta discussed at Metropolitan's Water Planning and Stewardship Committee meeting

    At the November 5th meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Water Stewardship and Planning Committee, Regional Director for Reclamation’s Lower Colorado River Region Terry Fulp addressed the Committee, and Metropolitan staff presented some details on a new multi-faceted agreement with Mexico that includes provisions for sharing both surpluses and shortages on the river, as well as …

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