New report synthesizes what is known – and not known – about the life of a Delta smelt

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The Interagency Ecological Program releases the peer-reviewed report, An updated conceptual model of Delta smelt biology: our evolving understanding of an estuarine fish The Delta smelt is perhaps California’s most famous fish, having found itself placed firmly in the center of courtroom battles and water project operations. Once abundant throughout the estuary, the Delta smelt has been protected under federal […]

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Ecosystem Modeling to Support Adaptive Management – Lessons from 40 years of Decision Support for the Great Lakes


Managing large interconnected systems of water bodies presents complex challenges, and model simulations are an essential tool.  For many years, the Great Lakes community has used models to support management of their system.  The complexity of the Bay Delta system presents similar challenges. Adaptive management will be critical, given climate change and other uncertainties.  This presentation provides lessons learned from […]

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The Delta Stewardship Council hears an update on the Collaborative Science and Adaptive Management Program (CSAMP)

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At the March meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, the co-chairs of the Collaborative Adaptive Management Team (CAMT),  Dr. Valerie Connor with the State and Federal Contractors Water Agency and Leo Winternitz with GEI Consultants gave an update on the Collaborative Science and Adaptive Management Process (CSAMP). Reiner Hoenicke, Deputy Executive Director for the Science Program, began by noting that […]

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ESTUARY News: Delta economics and ecosystem management


The latest online issue of ESTUARY News sums up two days of presentations and discussions on the 2013 State of the Estuary conference, held last October in Oakland.  Here’s my coverage of the afternoon session which featured a debate bewteen Jerry Meral and Jeff Michael over the economics of the BDCP, a presentation by Ellen Hanak on how stakeholders and […]

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Maven’s Minutes: Jay Lund on managing Delta ecosystem reconciliation adaptively

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At the State of the Estuary conference held at the end of October, Professor Jay Lund from UC Davis Watershed Sciences and also PPIC fellow gave a presentation on his view of how adaptive management could be applied to move forward in the Delta. Jay Lund began by noting that he and the PPIC researchers had worked on a report […]

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New resource page: The PPIC Seminar: Prescriptions for a Healthier Delta

Sac River by USFWS

In April of 2013, the Public Policy Institute of California released the report, Stress Relief: Prescriptions for a Healthier Delta, which identified steps the state could take to manage the Delta and improve ecosystem health. In May, the PPIC brought together officials and scientists together to discuss their views of the report and its findings in a series of panel […]

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Delta Stewardship Council hears an update on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan’s governance structure and adaptive management plan

At yesterday’s meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, Karla Nemeth and Carl Wilcox updated the Council on the BDCP’s adaptive management program and governance structure. Dan Ray began by stating that the Council would be receiving regular briefings on the elements of the BDCP because ultimately the Council will have several different important roles when the BDCP is released in […]

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Joint Informational Hearing on the Governance and Financing of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan: An Overview of the Issues

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On August 13th, the Senate Governance and Finance and the Natural Resources and Water Committees held a joint information hearing titled, “The Governance and Financing of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan: Overview of the Issues.” The hearing was co-chaired by Senator Lois Wolk and Senator Fran Pavley.  Senator Pavley opened the hearing by noting that this was the third in […]

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Maven’s Minutes: PPIC panel talks adaptive management

Photo by DWR

In April of 2013, the Public Policy Institute of California released the report, Stress Relief: Prescriptions for  Healthier Delta Ecosystem, which noted that the state is at a critical juncture with adoption and forthcoming implementation of the first “Delta Plan” and a decision on the BDCP possible by early next year.  “But California still faces an uphill battle to incorporate […]

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Developing the Delta Science Plan: How can ‘best available science’, adaptive management, and scientific monks inform policymakers?

With the Delta Plan calling for a comprehensive Delta Science Plan to be in place by December of 2013, development of the Plan is a high priority for the Delta Stewardship Council and the Delta Science Program.  How can the best available science and adaptive management be incorporated into the policy decisions?  And what about those scientific monks?  These were […]

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