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    The Notebook file cabinet

    file cabinetFiles of information and resources on important topics.

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      Delta and Statewide Planning Processes

      Currently, there are three major planning processes focused exclusively on the Delta, two broader statewide plans, and multitudes of smaller plans and programs that affect the Delta in some way.  Some plans are in the implementation stage while others are still in the planning stages. What are all these different plans and processes? This page …

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        Semitropic Water Bank #8 pumps in a row 04-2008 compressed

        Groundwater banking

        The term ‘groundwater banking‘ refers to the purposeful storing of water underground by using the empty space in aquifers for storage purposes.  These programs store water during wet periods that is later recovered for use during droughts. There are two basic methods for putting water into storage: direct recharge: adding surface water supplies either by …

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