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    The Switzerland of California water.

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    really useful info

    Directory of Useful Information

    Welcome to the Directory of Useful Information! The directory contains links to agencies and organizations at work in the Delta, as well as links to useful web resources. To report a broken link or to submit a resource to be included, please email me.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome! Browse the directory alphabetically, …

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    California Water Policy Seminar Series (2013)

    California’s water future is at a critical juncture. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is declining, both as a reliable hub for exporting water for millions of Californians and millions of farmed acres, and as an ecosystem supporting a vast array of wildlife. The Delta Reform Act of 2009 set a fundamentally new state water policy by …

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      California water infrastructure, by Department of Water Resources

      Maps and diagrams

      The following is a compilation of maps, diagrams and photos related to the Delta and California water. These maps and diagrams have been sourced from public documents and public sources.  Historical photographs are from the National Archives/Library of Congress and WikiMedia.  No known copyright restrictions exist. Click on a image to view in a carousel.  …

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        file cabinet

        The Notebook file cabinet

        Files of information and resources on important topics. 54,901 total views, 21 views today Be Sociable, Share!

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          Legal Library

          The following is a brief collection of court documents related to California water and, more specifically, the Delta. I am always looking to add to this page, so if you have any relevant court documents to share, please email me!     –Maven DELTA SMELT BIOLOGICAL OPINIONS – REMAND Filed 12/20/2012, United States District Court, Eastern District …

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          Research and Publications

          All reports listed in alphabetical order.   This page last updated July of 2013. RESEARCH JOURNALS AND E-LIBRARIES: California Water Resources page at the Internet Archive PLOS One, an open access journal Policy Archive San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science Social Science Research Network Springer Link: (Note: un-check “include preview-only content” in upper left corner …

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            In the fall of 2013, Emily DeMarco wrote a series of three profiles that looked at the Delta and California water through the eyes of those who are on the front lines of the debate. Emily DeMarco is pursuing a master of environmental science and management at the Bren School at the University of California, …

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              Terms and definitions

              Welcome to the glossary! 20,786 total views, 29 views today Be Sociable, Share!

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