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    Jul 03 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Chair Anthony Rendon presents “Principles for Developing a Water Bond” to the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife

    With the budget passed and the Legislature preparing to turn its attention to restructuring a new water bond, Anthony Rendon, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife, presented proposed Principles for Developing a Water Bond to Assembly members and the public at the July 2nd committee hearing. The new principles include setting …

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    Jul 02 2013

    Blog round-up: Bloggers on the BDCP, drought and salmon, new environmentalism, watershed models, brain eating amoeba and more!

    No quick or single fix to California’s water problems, says the BDCP blog:  It’s going to take multitudes of diverse projects and cooperation across boundaries and disciplines, they say:  ” … This integrated approach requires first, that we reduce water waste wherever possible.  We must also capture and store water when streams run high; recycle …

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    Jul 01 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Delta Stewardship Council hears about dry conditions and Shasta’s cold water pool, plus the Delta Watermaster’s latest report

    The operators of the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project have concerns that the releases of water now from Shasta Dam to maintain water quality standards in the Delta are jeopardizing the cold water pool needed to support salmon spawning in the fall, leading the State Water Board to agree to allow the …

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    Jul 01 2013

    Slow yet steady progress being made on the State Water Board’s update to the Bay Delta Plan

    At its June 19 meeting, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) heard a progress report on the update of the Bay Delta Plan, the water quality control plan that identifies the beneficial uses of the Delta’s waters and then sets water quality objectives to protect those uses.  The State Water Board is …

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    Jul 01 2013

    News worth noting: Delta Independent Science Board weighs in on the BDCP’s EIR, emergency and non-emergency rulemaking, Central Coast irrigated lands, and July is water smart month

    The Delta Independent Science Board sends a letter regarding the draft EIR of the BDCP, and they don’t mince words on what they expect to see in the upcoming public draft.  Recommendations include describing how the regulatory agencies are handling the dual roles of preparer and regulator, evaluating options that include reducing reliance on water …

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    Jul 01 2013

    Water and reservoir conditions for July 1, 2013

    Good morning!  Here are the latest water and reservoir conditions: 814 total views, no views today

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    Jun 29 2013

    Raising Shasta Dam: Reclamation releases the Draft Environmental Impact Statement; public review period begins

    The Bureau of Reclamation has released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for raising Shasta Dam, opening up a 90-day public comment and review period.  The draft EIR evaluates five different alternatives that would raise the dam from 6.5 feet to 18.5 feet, enlarging the reservoir by 256,000 to 634,000 acre-feet.  A  no-action alternative is analyzed as well. Reclamation says the project, …

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    Jun 29 2013

    Where are our wetlands and how are they doing? Find out through two innovative new web tools from the California Wetland Monitoring Workgroup

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: “What is the extent of our wetlands?” “ How healthy are they?” “How are they protected?” These are three of many questions addressed by two new web-based tools, released today by the Wetland Monitoring Workgroup of the California Water Quality Monitoring Council. Together, these tools are designed to …

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    Jun 27 2013

    Science news & reports: Counting fish, restoring tributaries, draft Delta science plan, climate change adaptation webinars and online tools, regional flood atlases, and more!

    New technology for fish counting showcased:  The Fishbio blog has details on the latest technology for monitoring fish:  ” … The Riverwatcher can remotely monitor fish ladders, weirs, and fishways using infrared scanning technology and high-resolution cameras. Fish swimming between the Riverwatcher’s scanner plates break the infrared beams and create a silhouette image. A digital …

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    Permanent link to this article: http://mavensnotebook.com/2013/06/27/science-news-reports-counting-fish-restoring-tributaries-draft-delta-science-plan-climate-change-adaptation-webinars-and-online-tools-regional-flood-atlases-and-more/

    Jun 26 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: PPIC Panel discusses how science is done in the Delta

    In April of 2013, the Public Policy Institute of California released the report, Stress Relief: Prescriptions for a Helathier Delta, which identified steps the state could take to manage the Delta and improve ecosystem health. One of the problems the report identified is that science itself has become a source of conflict in the Delta, …

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    Jun 25 2013

    Blog round-up: Bloggers on Delta Plan lawsuits, the BDCP, and regional issues, plus data visualizations, Aquapedia, a super cool party trick, and more!

    Welcome to Tuesday’s blog round-up!  This week’s round-up is action packed, so let’s get started. So why did the exporters sue over the Delta Plan?  Alex Breitler says the topic has come up:  “The question came up at yesterday’s local Advisory Water Commission meeting: Why did water exporters sue over the Delta Plan? Delta-area folks …

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    Jun 24 2013

    Creating a policy-science interface: The Delta Science Plan

    Creating an effective interface for decision makers and scientists to communicate and coordinating science efforts across the multiple entities doing science in the Delta are some of the ambitious goals of a unique and little-known planning process currently underway: the creation of a Delta Science Plan. The Delta Science Program and Lead Scientist Dr. Peter …

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    Jun 24 2013

    Latest issue of the San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science journal now online


    The latest issue of the San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science is now available online. In this issue: Hydrodynamic Simulation of Circulation and Residence Time in Clifton Court Forebay, by Michael L. MacWilliams and Edward S. Gross Salmon Lifecycle Considerations to Guide Stream Management: Examples from California’s Central Valley, by Joseph Merz, Michelle Workman, Doug …

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    Jun 24 2013

    Reservoir and water conditions for June 24

    Happy Monday!  And a wet one at that.  Here’s a look at conditions around the state: For even more detail on reservoir conditions, click on the picture below to check out a tool from the National Weather Service that really drills down to give you reservoir conditions for every reservoir in the state (note: unfortunately …

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    Jun 22 2013

    ‘Significant rainfall’ headed for Northern California


    An uncharacteristically wet series of storms are expected to arrive in Northern California beginning Sunday night, forecasts the National Weather Service.  Two to three days of rain are expected, with over an inch possible for the Sacramento Valley and up to 4″ expected in the Northern Sierras.  A sprinkle or two could even reach Southern …

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