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    Jun 18 2013

    Delta Vision Foundation issues 2013 report card: Tunnel vision not enough

    From the Delta Vision Foundation: California decision makers are focusing their efforts on specific problems plaguing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta but could accomplish more by incorporating linked system-wide solutions. That’s the message the Delta Vision Foundation sent today to the Governor’s Administration, State agencies, California Legislature, and Federal agencies upon releasing the 2013 Delta Vision …

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    Jun 18 2013

    Court documents: Yet another lawsuit against the Delta Plan (updated)

    There are so many of them, it’s easy to lose track!  The latest lawsuit, filed last Friday in Sacramento County Superior Court by the North Coast Rivers Alliance, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, San Francisco Crab Boat Owners Associations and Winnemem Wintu (McCloud River) Tribe, alleges the recently-adopted Delta Plan and PEIR violate CEQ …

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    Jun 18 2013

    Blog round-up: Reusing tunnel muck, changing BDCP baselines, BDCP costs, north-south water wars, Temperance Flat, endangered water reporters, God’s bathtub and more!

    Reusing tunnel muck:  The SFPUC’s Hetch Hetchy upgrade includes boring a tunnel underneath the San Francisco Bay, and the project has been able to virtually reuse all of the excavated “tunnel muck,” writes the BDCP blog:  ” … To be sure, tunneling can produce a lot of material. And the San Francisco Bay project suggests …

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    Jun 17 2013

    The Delta Stewardship Council issues statement on the lawsuits against Delta Plan

    From Chris Knopp at the Delta Stewardship Council: Chris Knopp, Executive Officer of the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC), released the following statement regarding the recent lawsuits filed against the DSC seeking a redo of the Council’s recently adopted (May 16) comprehensive management plan for the Delta: “As we’ve said before, we’re disappointed that so many …

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    Jun 17 2013

    Water and reservoir conditions for June 17, 2013

    Hi and welcome to Monday! Here are the latest reservoir and hydrologic conditions:   490 total views, no views today

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    Jun 17 2013

    Maven’s extensive photo library of California water infrastructure, agriculture and waterscapes returns to the internet

    After a brief hiatus, my photo library has returned to flickr – now bigger and more organized than before! I have finally completed uploading over 8800 photos to the flickr website, which include 466 pictures of the Delta, 290 pictures of the State Water Project, 362 pictures of the Colorado Aqueduct, and 325 pictures of …

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    Jun 15 2013

    Court documents: Second lawsuit filed against the Delta Plan, alleges violations of the Administrative Procedure Act, the Delta Reform Act, CEQA, and the Public Trust doctrine

    A second lawsuit has been filled against the Delta Stewardship Council’s recently-adopted Delta Plan. Aqua Alliance, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, California Water Impact Network (C-WIN), Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the River and Restore the Delta allege that the Delta Stewardship Council, in adopting the final Delta Plan and its regulations and certifying the …

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    Jun 14 2013

    State Water Contractors Files Lawsuit Challenging Delta Plan: Delta Stewardship Council Overreach Threatens State’s Water Supply Reliability

    From the State Water Contractors: “The State Water Contractors (SWC) today filed a lawsuit challenging the Delta Stewardship Council’s (DSC) recently approved Delta Plan and the Program Environmental Impact Report (Program EIR) for the Delta Plan.  Under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act of 2009 (Act), the Legislature carefully defined the DSC’s authority to adopt …

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    Jun 14 2013

    Letter: Congressional Democrats demand answers to their questions about the BDCP

    California’s Democratic congressional delegation has sent a letter to Governor Brown with a list of questions that the legislators want answers to when they meet to discuss the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) with administration officials next week. The letter, signed by Congressmembers Geroge Miller, Jerry McNerney, Mike Thompson, Doris Matsui, John Garamendi, Ami Bera, …

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    Jun 14 2013

    DWR Agricultural Land Stewardship Workgroup looking for feedback on potential strategies to offset impacts to Delta agriculture

    Mitigating for the BDCP’s effects on Delta agriculture is the topic of a new discussion paper currently under development by the DWR Agricultural Land Stewardship Workgroup.  The draft documents are now available online for review and comment from Delta interests and the public. The Bay Delta Conservation Plan’s planned construction of new infrastructure as well …

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    Jun 13 2013

    Science news and reports: Bass in the Delta, life cycle monitoring, climate change, invasive species, dust, and homicidal fish on Prozac … !

    Bass in the Delta: The Delta has been named one of the top 10 fishing spots for the nonnative black bass, but not everybody is celebrating, says the Fishbio blog:  ” … The Delta garnered the number 9 slot, behind such locations as Clear Lake, California; Lake Eerie; and Lake Okeechobee, Florida. While the term …

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    Jun 11 2013

    Blog round-up: Bloggers on BDCP costs and benefits, Delta dialogues, a revuelta, climate change and the new normal, and more!

    While most reservoirs around the state don’t look too bad, the same can’t be said for San Luis Reservoir, only at 34% of capacity when this picture was taken on Sunday.  However, this week’s blog round-up is filled to capacity.  Here’s what everyone had to say: $55 billion is really what the BDCP will cost, …

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    Jun 09 2013

    Water conditions for June 9, 2013

    “The combined total January through May precipitation is the driest in about 90 years of record,” states DWR’s Executive Update on the state’s hydrologic conditions.  Here’s a look at the reservoirs and the drought monitor: 255 total views, 1 views today

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    Jun 06 2013

    Science notes and reports: climate change and fish, counting bass, new salmon modeling tools, endangered aquifers, water rates and more!

    New study finds climate change likely to drive many California native fish species to extinction, but alien species are likely to do fairly well: Scientists from UC Davis assessed the vulnerability of native species to climate change, and estimated their likelihood of extinction within the next 100 years, and found that 82% are likely to …

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    Jun 04 2013

    Maven’s Minutes from the press conference: Natural Resources Agency releases remaining draft BDCP documents; includes costs, benefits, and funding information

    Using the Silicon Valley as a backdrop, the Brown Administration held a press conference and media call on May 30th to discuss the release of the final chapters of the draft Bay Delta Conservation Plan, which include the highly anticipated information on the costs and the benefits of the Plan, as well as the details …

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