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    Mar 07 2013

    The Big Lift: A photo tour of the State Water Project’s Edmonston Pumping Plant


    The State Water Project’s Edmonston Pumping Plant is the highest single lift pumping plant in the world, capable of flinging 2 million gallons per minute over the Tehachapis. In April of 2011, I had the pleasure of touring the facility on a Metropolitan Water District Inspection Tour. Love it or hate it, it’s quite the …

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    Mar 06 2013

    Science and report notes: SoCal water agencies conservation strategies evaluated, regulated rivers, Saharan dust, adaptation to extreme weather events, and more!

    Southern California water agencies conservation efforts evaluated:  The University of Southern California Center for Sustainable Cities has released a report that determine the effectiveness of recent conservation strategies which urban water districts have developed to deal with water supply scarcity during the past decade in Southern California, and examines the extent to which innovative strategies …

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    Mar 05 2013

    Maven's Minutes: The Delta Stewardship Council hears about the portfolio-based alternative for the BDCP

    At the February 21,2013 Delta Stewardship Council meeting, Jonas Minton from the Planning and Conservation League, Dennis Cushman from the San Diego County Water Authority and Greg Gartrell from the Contra Costa Water District presented a proposal that several environmental groups and water agencies are in favor of being evaluated as an alternative to the …

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    Mar 04 2013

    Blog roundup: Jobs and the BDCP, Delta smelt take limits, Delta realities, drought and more!

    Happy Monday!  Here’s what the blogs have been chattering about lately: Jobs and the Bay Delta Conservation Plan:  Over at the BDCP blog, Karla Nemeth writes that an analysis by natural resource economist David Sunding of the University of California Berkeley determined that jobs created in habitat restoration work would more than offset the loss …

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    Mar 01 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Overview of California’s debt condition: Priming the pump for a water bond

    On February 26, 2013, the Senate Governance & Finance Committee and the Senate Natural Resources & Water Committee held a joint informational hearing entitled “Overview of California’s Debt Condition: Priming the Pump for a Water Bond.” Senator Lois Wolk, Chair of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee, began by stating that this is the first …

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    Feb 28 2013

    Maven's Minutes: The Delta Stewardship Council hears from Jerry Meral on the BDCP's proposed governance structure, the challenge of an integrated state-federal water project, funding, and more

    At the February 21, 2013 meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, Jerry Meral from the California Natural Resources Agency updated the Council on the proposed governance structure for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.  Jerry Meral spoke about the complexities of an integrated state and federal water project, adaptive management and the role of the stakeholder …

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    Feb 27 2013

    Science and report notes: Habitat restoration presentations, recommendations on nitrates, fish on drugs, and more!

    Habitat restoration presentations online:  The Delta Independent Science Board has been working on reviewing habitat restoration projects in the Delta and the Suisun Marsh, and are in the process of producing a report (here’s the third draft, but it’s not done yet).  Here are the power points from the USGS that were presented at the …

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    Feb 26 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: California Water Policy Seminar Series continues with Peter Moyle: The future of freshwater fishes in California

    The UC Davis California Water Policy Seminar Series continued on February 11, 2013, with California fish expert Peter B. Moyle, professor and former Chair of the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology as the featured speaker.  Peter Moyle has spent over 40 years studying the ecology and conservation of California’s freshwater and estuarine species, …

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    Feb 25 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: State Water Board discusses updated flow objectives for San Joaquin tributaries

    At their February 21st meeting, the Delta Stewardship Council heard an informational update on the State Water Resources Control Board’s proposal to revise flow objectives for the Lower San Joaquin River and southern Delta salinity objectives, as the Board begins to wrap up phase one of the update to the Bay Delta Water Quality Control …

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    Feb 25 2013

    Blog round-up: More on the smaller tunnels, Arkstorms, toxic farmland, San Joaquin River flow objectives and more

    Welcome to Monday!  Here’s the blog round-up: An odd alignment:  Alex Breitler notes the rare chord of agreement between Restore the Delta and Jerry Meral: ” … Neither likes the Peripheral Canal Lite.  The proposal for a single tunnel with one-third the capacity of the existing twin tunnels proposal is getting criticized from both ends …

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    Feb 20 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: California Water Policy Seminar Series continues with Tim Quinn: In Pursuit of “Coequal” Goals: An ACWA Statewide Perspective

    The UC Davis California Water Policy Seminar Series continued on February 4, 2013 with the Association of California Water Agencies Executive Director Tim Quinn as the guest speaker.  Prior to joining ACWA in 2007, Mr. Quinn was deputy general manager of the Metropolitan Water District, where he worked on several key state policy initiatives including …

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    Feb 20 2013

    Science notes: Natural Hydrographs in Regulated Rivers: Conference video now available, plus public comments sought on DISB’s review of BDCP governance, and more!

    Natural Hydrographs in Regulated Rivers: Video of the conference now available!  Last month, the Delta Science Program and the UC Davis Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture held a seminar on natural hydrographs in regulated rivers.  The power point presentations were posted in last week’s science news, and now the video of the conference is …

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    Permanent link to this article: http://mavensnotebook.com/2013/02/20/science-notes-natural-hydrographs-in-regulated-rivers-conference-video-now-available-plus-public-comments-sought-on-disbs-review-of-bdcp-governance-and-more/

    Feb 18 2013

    Blog round-up: Delta smelt cutbacks, smaller tunnels, the BDCP, and the water bond, plus jobs!

    Off again, on again:  The big news last week was Tuesday’s press conference that had agency officials announcing that restrictions put in place to protect the Delta smelt had caused 700,000 acre-feet to flow out to the ocean instead of down the aqueducts, only to quietly turn the pumps back on later that day.The Delta …

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    Feb 14 2013

    Delta Independent Science Board's review of the BDCP's proposed governance structure lists several concerns

    This isn’t a sweetheart Valentine that the Delta Independent Science Board will be sending to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan if the Board approves the draft DISB report of the review of BDCP’s Chapter 7 governance structure, set for discussion at today’s science board meeting. Prompted by a request by Delta Stewardship Council Chair Phil …

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    Feb 13 2013

    Take of Delta smelt nears limit, triggering cutbacks in Delta water exports


    On February 12, 2013, agency officials held a press conference to announce that mandatory restrictions put in place to protect Delta smelt had reduced water deliveries from the Delta by 700,000 acre-feet since November 1, which they say is enough to supply 1.4 million homes for a year or irrigate more than 200,000 acres of …

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