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    Jul 22 2014

    NOAA and CDFW release federal recovery plan for salmon and steelhead

    From the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and NOAA: NOAA Fisheries and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) today jointly released two plans to restore populations of salmon and steelhead in California’s Central Valley: NOAA Fisheries’ Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan and CDFW’s Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) Conservation Strategy. The two …

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    Jul 22 2014

    Blog round-up: Groundwater and the public trust doctrine, California style; why the response to drought has been so weak, our thirsty lawns, and more …

    Groundwater and the public trust doctrine, California style: Holly Doremus writes:”If you follow California water law or environmental law, you probably have been aware that the Environmental Law Foundation has been pursuing a public trust claim based on groundwater pumping that affects the Scott River. Last week they gained a victory at the trial court …

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    Jul 21 2014

    California Weather Blog: An overview of California’s ongoing and extraordinary drought: a tale of exceptional dryness and record warmth

    From the California Weather Blog: “Droughts historically have a way of sneaking up on California, and the extraordinary 2012-2014 drought has been no exception. Year-to-year and even season-to-season rainfall variability is quite high in this part of the world, which means that it’s nearly impossible to know whether a single dry year (or season) portends …

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    Jul 20 2014

    What’s on the calendar this week and beyond …

    Time to open up those calendars and note any of these events that are of interest to you … Coming up this week … NEW! Delta Conservancy Board Meeting:  The Delta Conservancy will meet on Wednesday, July 23, from 9 am to noon.  On the agenda, consideration of approval of revisions to BDCP comment letter, …

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    Jul 20 2014

    California Weather Blog: Update on the North American Monsoon and active California summer weather

    From the California Weather Blog: “An active monsoonal pattern over the past 1-2 weeks has brought some active summer weather to California’s mountain and desert regions. Strong (to even severe)  thunderstorms have occurred nearly daily over parts of the California interior, bringing locally intense downpours and resulting in some minor flash flooding in a few highly …

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    Jul 16 2014

    Join Maven in photographing the 2014 California drought

    Shrunken reservoirs.  Shriveled streams.  Dead lawns and downed orchards. What are the impacts of the drought in your neighborhood?  Maven invites all interested photographers to get out in the field and photograph the California drought as you are experiencing it and seeing it happen. Send in your photos to be included in a special photo …

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