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    Nov 27 2014

    A. G. Kawamura: “Food is a privilege, not a right”

    A. G. Kawamura is owner and partner of Orange County Produce, LLC, and a board member of Western Growers Association. He recently spoke at a TEDx Orange Coast Conference. Here’s what he had to say: “When it comes to food and agriculture in this country, there are a lot of critics. And the critics say …

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    Nov 25 2014

    Blog round-up: How engineers see the the water glass in California, the ESA and the Commerce Clause, Feinstein drought bill, San Joaquin River restoration, water storage, and more …

    How engineers see the the water glass in California:  Jay Lund writes: “Depending on your outlook, the proverbial glass of water is either half full or half empty. Not so for engineers in California. … ”  Read more from the California Water Blog here:  How engineers see the the water glass in California  And be …

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    Nov 25 2014

    Ecosystem Modeling to Support Adaptive Management – Lessons from 40 years of Decision Support for the Great Lakes

    Managing large interconnected systems of water bodies presents complex challenges, and model simulations are an essential tool.  For many years, the Great Lakes community has used models to support management of their system.  The complexity of the Bay Delta system presents similar challenges. Adaptive management will be critical, given climate change and other uncertainties.  This …

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    Nov 25 2014

    Legal documents: Opening briefs filed on Delta Plan litigation

    In May of 2013, the Delta Stewardship Council unanimously adopted the Delta Plan, a comprehensive, long-term management plan for the Delta that includes 14 regulatory policies that were subsequently approved by the Office of Administrative Law.  Following the adoption of the Plan, several agencies and organizations filed lawsuits seeking to invalidate the plan and/or its …

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    Nov 24 2014

    This just in … State Water Project contract negotiations set to begin over proposed BDCP amendments

    From the Department of Water Resources: The Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced today it will begin negotiations with State Water Project (SWP) Contractors in December on proposed amendments that would modify SWP water supply contracts. DWR Director Mark Cowin said the public will be invited to observe the negotiations in person and to listen …

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    Nov 24 2014

    Website notes: Holiday posting schedule, and changes on the way

    Just wanted to let you know of a few things … Holiday posting schedule … somewhat lighter With the Thanksgiving holiday week upon us, the schedule here will be somewhat modified.  Yes, I am actually going to take some time off.  Long time readers know that this is highly unusual … but due to multiple …

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    Nov 24 2014

    Reservoir and water conditions for November 23

    Here are the latest reservoir and water conditions: 310 total views, 16 views today

    310 total views, 16 views today

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    Oct 16 2014

    Join the club and help support Maven’s Notebook!

    Dear Readers, When I started this blog two and a half years ago, I have to admit, I didn’t have any expectation of what it would become; I only knew that I wanted to create an outlet that would comprehensively cover the world of California water, and do so in a way that hadn’t been …

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    Aug 10 2014

    What’s on the calendar this week and beyond …

    Time to open up those calendars and note any of these events that are of interest to you … Coming up this week … Brown Bag Seminar: Mapping Drought Impacts in the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada Foothills Using Remote Sensing, November 24, from 12 to 1pm: Over the last three decades, remote sensing techniques …

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