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    Category Archive: Science

    Aug 20 2014

    Drought: An insidious stress on wildlife

    The University of California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) has developed a series of webinars titled Insights: Water and Drought which feature timely, relevant expertise on water and drought from experts around the University of California system.  In this webinar, Greg Giusti, a Cooperative Extension Advisor in Forest and Wildland Ecology in Mendocino County discusses …

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    Aug 14 2014

    Science news and reports: Drought dowsing goes high-tech, the value of clams and mussels in cleaning dirty water, interior Delta flows report and more, plus El Nino: fizzle or sizzle?

    In science news this week, Drought dowsing goes high-tech, Stanford research shows value of clams and mussels in cleaning dirty water, the Delta Stewardship Council releases interior Delta flows and stressors report, fish data written in the scales, love a shark – save a wetland, Fishbio surveys Big Chico Creek, El Nino: fizzle or sizzle, …

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    Aug 13 2014

    Salinity management in the Delta during times of drought

    At the July 25th meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, council members heard a presentation on the challenges of managing the Delta’s salinity during times of drought. Salinity in the Delta is largely a tug of war between the daily and seasonal tides pushing in from San Francisco Bay and the flow of fresh water …

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    Aug 07 2014

    Science news and reports: New technology to measure snowpack, how fire and drought shape California’s ecology, new desal technologies, a Tahoe tsunami, and more …

    New technology measures snowpack amid California drought:  “Tom Painter strapped $85,000 worth of scientific equipment to his back and scrambled up the steep, smooth face of Pothole Dome in California’s Yosemite National Park. Ravens squawked overhead, and the muffled voices of tourists murmured from the easier route up the 250-foot-high (76 meters) granite dome.  “We’re …

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    Aug 06 2014

    Independent science panels present findings to the Delta Stewardship Council from Delta flows workshops

    At the July 25 meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, the council members heard an informational update on two independent science panel reviews on Delta flows and related stressors intended to help inform the State Water Resources Control Board’s update to the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan (Bay-Delta Plan) that is currently underway. The update …

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    Jul 31 2014

    Science news and reports: A link between tropical deforestation and drought, new system for detecting mercury, El Nino still undecided, fish hackathons and more …

    California Regulators See Potential Link between Tropical Deforestation and Drought:  ” … Severe drought conditions in the US state of California have led state officials to impose criminal penalties for water wasters. The drought could also help make the case that California should allow projects aimed at curbing tropical deforestation into the state’s carbon trading …

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    Jul 30 2014

    Metropolitan Bay-Delta Committee hears a science update on the longfin smelt

    At the July 22 meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Special Committee on the Bay-Delta, David Fullerton, Principal Resource Manager, discussed the cooperative studies that are underway with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and UC Davis to develop more understanding of some basic questions about the longfin smelt. The longfin smelt in the Bay-Delta are …

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    Jul 24 2014

    Science news and reports: Putting a price tag on nature, big data to guide conservation efforts, water governance and the sustainability wheel, and more …

    Putting a Price Tag on Nature: Part 2: “In our last Fish Report, we discussed a new approach to conservation that highlights the benefits of natural resources by calculating their economic value. Millions of dollars are spent each year on fisheries monitoring programs along the West Coast of the U.S. It is critical to monitor …

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    Jul 17 2014

    Science news and reports: El Nino and other climate patterns that affect winter, 3D technology helping endangered species, putting a price tag on nature and more …

    EN … SO?  Forecasters haven’t declared El Nino conditions yet, so what gives? “Forecasters at the Climate Prediction Center haven’t declared El Niño conditions, even though the Niño3.4 index is currently around 0.5°C above normal, and has been for the past two months. What’s the hold up? In short, we’re waiting for the atmosphere to …

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    Jul 10 2014

    Science news and reports: Satellites reveal possible catastrophic flooding months in advance, adapting to sea level rise, a day with giant garter snakes and more …

    Satellites reveal possible catastrophic flooding months in advance: “Data from NASA satellites can greatly improve predictions of how likely a river basin is to overflow months before it does, according to new findings by UC Irvine. The use of such data, which capture a much fuller picture of how water is accumulating, could result in …

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    Jul 03 2014

    Science news and reports: Mathematicians help California’s berry farmers, what ESP says about next year’s El Nino, Delta Restoration Hub, and more …

    Mathematicians help California drought-weary berry growers address water issues: In the Pajaro Valley, berries are the main crop and the main economic driver.  However, despite crop rotation and water conservation strategies, overdraft continues to be a problem.  So enter the mathematicians:   “In 2011, a National Science Foundation-funded math institute, the American Institute of Mathematics …

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    Jun 26 2014

    Science news: California’s largest dam removal underway, invasive water snakes, acoustic tagging, selenium, mercury, and more, plus what math equations look like in 3-D

    This week’s science news headlines: California’s largest dam removal underway, UC Davis study finds invasive water snakes introduced to California may pose risk to native species, Stockton Fish and Wildlife Office conducts acoustic tagging of juvenile salmonids for south Delta survival studies; scientists studying shifts in selenium in the Delta, freeing up fish while locking up mercury …

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    Jun 19 2014

    Science news and reports: Wine, salmon, and climate change on the Russian River, new innovations from old engineering, Delta fish populations research, El Nino, droughts, carbon in Western rivers, and more …

    This week’s science headlines:  Pairing wine with salmon: Climate lessons from California; New innovations from old engineering; Delta Fish Populations – The Research of Delta Science Fellow Matt Young; The Symphony Aquatic; Delta Stewardship Council Approves Comments on BDCP Draft EIR/EIS – Hears Multiple BDCP Reviews; Two great science communication tools for conferences and teaching: …

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    Jun 12 2014

    California Water Policy Seminar Series: Scientists discuss restoration and reconciliation in the Delta

    The 2014 California Water Policy Seminar Series, presented by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and the law school’s California Environmental Law & Policy Center, focused on the concept of ‘reconciliation ecology’, an approach that recognizes that a return to a pre-development state is not possible for natural systems and that human uses will continue; therefore …

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    Jun 12 2014

    Science news and reports: Big data, counting fish, dam removal, mercury in tidal wetlands, healthy forests and more …

    Intel Tackles Water Supply Problems With Big Data: “With the majority of Big Data conversation focused on solving business problems it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the ultimate opportunity of Big Data is solving big problems — problems that affect our entire society. One of them is hunger and the mix …

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