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The Delta Landscapes project: Creating a spatial framework to inform restoration planning

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A new report uses landscape metrics in both the historical and contemporary Delta to help define, design, and evaluate functional, resilient landscapes for the estuary’s future The state of California has set ambitious restoration goals for restoration of the Delta’s ecosystem as embodied in the Delta Plan; those goals include restoring large areas of interconnected habitats within the Delta and […]

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Managing turbidity for Delta smelt

Delta Smelt

Metropolitan’s David Fullerton and Paul Hutton say there’s a relationship between turbidity and Delta smelt, and demonstrate that by cutting back Delta pumping at strategic times, they can avoid take of Delta smelt at the export pumps and gain water in the long-run At the February 24th meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Special Committee on the Bay-Delta, David Fullerton, Principal […]

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Yolo Bypass Symposium, Part 3: Farms, flood, fish, and fowl: Putting the puzzle together

Rice field 3

Stakeholders discuss how to integrating the multiple plans and processes in the Yolo Bypass Land use in the Yolo Bypass is dominated by agriculture; it is part of Yolo County’s heritage as well as a vital of its economy. Farming activities in the bypass generally begin in late spring and extend through the summer, when flooding is uncommon. Primary crops […]

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Science news and reports: Drought, desalination, Data summit paper, “Slow Coast” national monument, dam removal, El Nino, and more …

3D image of tungsten copper alloy

In science news this week, The West without water: what can past droughts tell us about tomorrow?, Warming pushes Western U.S. toward driest period in 1,000 years: Unprecedented risk of drought in 21st century, New desalination technology could solve state’s drought woes, The Delta Science Program posts Environmental Data Summit white paper for public comment, “Slow Coast” may get a […]

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Yolo Bypass Symposium part 2: Fish, fowl, and the mercury conundrum

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Restoration efforts have succeeded in restoring waterfowl populations in the Yolo Bypass; can the same happen now for fish?  Plus the latest research on methylmercury and wetlands restoration. When the floodwaters flow into the Yolo Bypass in the late winter and early spring in some years, dramatic changes occur. Salmon, splittail, and other native fish species come onto the floodplain […]

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Yolo Bypass Symposium, part 1: A flood of plans and possibilities

Flooding in the Yolo Bypass 2011

Symposium focuses on how to integrate agriculture, wildlife, and public access on the managed floodplain In between Sacramento and Davis lies the Yolo Bypass, a narrow strip of land 40 miles long and 3 miles wide. Capable of carrying four times the flow of the Sacramento River, the bypass is part of a larger flood control system that performs the […]

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Science news and reports: What’s killing California’s native pigeons, rebuilding West Coast abalone populations, hatchery history, farm fields and habitat, global warming and atmospheric rivers, ENSO on the edge, and more …


In science news this week, What’s killing California’s native pigeons?, Innovative restoration techniques used to rebuild West Coast abalone populations, Wagons, trains, and airplanes: Hatchery history in California, Does removing habitat around farm fields really make our food safer?, Global warming may alter atmospheric rivers, Details on the February ENSO discussion: On the edge?, The ecology of games framework:  Some […]

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Science news and reports: Forecasting a river of atmospheric water, counting fish, lake restoration from the bottom up, why there are so many ENSO indexes and more …

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In science news this week, Forecasting a river of atmospheric water, Emigration Station, From the bottom up at San Francisco’s Mountain Lake, NASA satellites spot fields idled by drought, NASA launches groundbreaking Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) observatory, Puget Sound salmon face more fluctuation in river flows, Tracking fish easier, quicker, safer with new injectable device, Why are there so […]

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New report synthesizes what is known – and not known – about the life of a Delta smelt

Delta smelt model sliderbox

The Interagency Ecological Program releases the peer-reviewed report, An updated conceptual model of Delta smelt biology: our evolving understanding of an estuarine fish The Delta smelt is perhaps California’s most famous fish, having found itself placed firmly in the center of courtroom battles and water project operations. Once abundant throughout the estuary, the Delta smelt has been protected under federal […]

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Michael Anderson, State Climatologist: Climate, Drought, and Change

Michael Anderson 2

The state climatologist discusses the current drought and the signs of climate change. Is the current drought a harbinger of the future? With the winter season once again seemingly passing California by, officials are bracing for a fourth year of drought.  Earlier this month, the Public Policy Institute of California held a half-day conference in Sacramento focusing on how the […]

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