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    Aug 01 2014

    Article to note: California groundwater legislation will be amended Monday; Basins get more than two decades to balance groundwater use.

    From the Circle of Blue: “California lawmakers begin their sprint finish Monday to pass new rules for managing groundwater before the legislature goes home for the year on August 31. A group of heavy-hitters in the world of California water policy — the Association of California Water Agencies, which represents 440 public water providers, and …

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    Aug 01 2014

    This just in … Speaker Toni G. Atkins Appoints Aja Brown to the Delta Stewardship Council

    From the website of Speaker Toni Atkins: Assembly Speaker Toni G. Atkins has (D-San Diego) today announced the appointment of Aja Brown to the Delta Stewardship Council. Aja Brown currently serves as the Mayor of Compton, where she has implemented economic, social, and wellness empowerment initiatives, attracted vital resources and partnerships, and established a strategic …

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    Aug 01 2014

    This just in … Boxer, Feinstein, Napolitano, DeFazio Introduce “W21: Water in the 21st Century” Legislation

    From Congresswoman Grace Napolitano’s website: ” U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), U.S. Representative Grace Napolitano (D-CA) and U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) today introduced “W21: Water in the 21st Century,” legislation that would help communities nationwide better prepare for the future by providing new incentives and investments to help residents, …

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    Jul 31 2014

    This just in … GOP releases statement on drought negotiations: Progress made but negotiations to continue

    From Congressman David Valadao’s office: On Thursday, July 31, 2014, Members of the California Republican Delegation (Reps. LaMalfa (CA-01), McClintock (CA-04), Denham (CA-10), Valadao (CA-21), Nunes (CA-22), McCarthy (CA-23), Calvert (CA-42)) issued the following statement regarding current negotiations between the House of Representatives and the Senate to address the California drought: “California’s drought continues to …

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    Jul 29 2014

    This just in … Mandatory water conservation regulation goes into effect

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: “On July 29, 2014, an emergency regulation to increase conservation practices for all Californians went into effect.  The new conservation regulation targets outdoor urban water use.  In some areas of the State, 50 percent or more of daily water use is for lawns and outdoor landscaping. This regulation …

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    Jul 28 2014

    This just in … Restore the Delta holds media call regarding close of public comment period for BDCP; Call for new draft EIR; say funding, public outreach, alternatives, science all flawed

    Earlier this morning, Restore the Delta held a media call regarding the close of the comment period for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.  On the call today, economist Dr. Jeff Michael from the University of Pacific; Alex Aliferis, Executive Director of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association; Bob Wright, Senior Counsel for the Friends of River; …

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    Jul 28 2014

    Bay Delta Conservation Plan public comment period scheduled to close tomorrow

    Just a reminder, after over seven months, the public comment period for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, the environmental documents, and the Implementing Agreement will close tomorrow. Comments on all documents must be received electronically or postmarked on or before July 29, 2014. For more information on how to submit comments, click here. Maven’s Notebook has …

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    Jul 25 2014

    DWR & Reclamation write State Water Board, allege water being wrongly diverted from the South and Central Delta

    The California Department of Water Resources and the Bureau of Reclamation have written a letter to the Deputy Director of the State Water Resources Control Board Division of Water Rights, asking her to use her authorities to order south and central Delta diverters to provide supporting information for their asserted water rights, as well as …

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    Jul 23 2014

    Latest PPIC poll on Californians and the environment: 75% say residents should be required to cut water use; 51% of likely voters back $11.1 billion water bond, and more …

    From the Public Policy Institute of California: How concerned are Californians about climate change and its effects? What do they think about state efforts to mitigate global warming, regulate greenhouse emissions, and address water needs?  The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) has just released the results of its latest survey based on a telephone …

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    Jul 22 2014

    NOAA and CDFW release federal recovery plan for salmon and steelhead

    From the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and NOAA: NOAA Fisheries and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) today jointly released two plans to restore populations of salmon and steelhead in California’s Central Valley: NOAA Fisheries’ Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan and CDFW’s Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) Conservation Strategy. The two …

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    Jul 17 2014

    This just in … CASGEM posts list and map of unmonitored high and medium priority groundwater basins as of July 15; technical report and public comments also posted

    The Department of Water Resources has produced a list and a map showing the high and medium priority groundwater basins that are not currently monitored under the CASGEM program. The list and map are available here. Also, the Final CASGEM Groundwater Basin Prioritization Technical Report and Appendix A (June 2014) have been posted on the …

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    Jul 16 2014

    Reactions: ACWA, Metropolitan, NRDC and State Water Contractors respond to the State Water Board’s actions to increase urban water conservation

    Yesterday, the State Water Resources Control Board voted to allow local law enforcement and water agencies to impose a maximum $500-a-day fine on water wasters, as well as other provisions for water suppliers.  (See press release here.) Here’s what organizations are saying about the regulations, listed in alphabetical order: From the Association of California Water Agencies …

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    Jul 15 2014

    State Water Board approves emergency regulation to ensure agencies and state residents increase water conservation

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: “In response to the ongoing severe drought, on Tuesday the State Water Resources Control Board approved an emergency regulation to ensure water agencies, their customers and state residents increase water conservation in urban settings or face possible fines or other enforcement. The new conservation regulation is intended to …

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    Jul 15 2014

    Drought impact study: California agriculture faces greatest water loss ever seen

    From the University of California Davis: “A new report from the University of California, Davis, shows that California agriculture is weathering its worst drought in decades due to groundwater reserves, but the nation’s produce basket may come up dry in the future if it continues to treat those reserves like an unlimited savings account. The …

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    Jul 14 2014

    John Kingsbury: Protecting watersheds first step in water policy

    This commentary is written by John Kingsbury, Executive Director of the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association: Mountain watersheds can survive without the Delta, but the Delta cannot survive without the watersheds. The waters that form creeks and streams in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada mountains and join to create the great rivers that flow into …

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