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    Nov 21 2014

    Northern California representatives statement on Feinstein pulling ‘deeply-flawed’ water bill

    From the website of Congressman Jared Huffman: Today, Northern California Representatives Jared Huffman (D-02), George Miller (D-11) Mike Thompson (D-05), Doris Matsui (D-06), Jerry McNerney (D-09), John Garamendi (D-10), and Ami Bera (D-07) released the following statement after Senator Dianne Feinstein announced she will not be pursuing passage of her water bill this year: “We …

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    Nov 21 2014

    Senator Feinstein issues statement on drought negotiations: “Although we have made progress, it has become clear that we will be unable to present an agreed-upon proposal before Congress adjourns this year.”

    From Senator Feinstein’s office: Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on progress toward a bipartisan bill to address California’s ongoing drought: “Over the past several weeks I have been working closely with members of the California delegation who expressed interest in reaching a bipartisan agreement on legislation to address California’s drought crisis …

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    Nov 21 2014

    Friday Flashback: How groundwater banking is done: A look at three groundwater banking operations

    From the archives of Maven’s Notebook: Original publish date: September 3, 2013 California has long relied on surface reservoirs to manage the state’s fluctuating water supply as evidenced by the over 1300 reservoirs both large and small that dot the landscape – from Redding in the north to San Diego in the south.  However, environmental …

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    Nov 20 2014

    This just in … New report from UC Davis: Expanding California’s water supply: You can’t store what isn’t there

       “California’s approval of a $7.5 billion water bond has bolstered prospects for expanding reservoirs and groundwater storage, but the drought-prone state can effectively use no more than a 15 percent increase in surface water storage capacity because of lack of water to fill it, according to a new analysis released Nov. 20. The report …

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    Nov 18 2014

    Talks on drought bill underway on Capitol Hill; Restore the Delta responds

    From Michael Doyle at McClatchy News DC and Mark Grossi with the Fresno Bee: “California’s water future is boiling below the surface this week. Only the chosen few have a clue about details. Bill documents, currently about 50 pages, are stamped “confidential draft language, do not distribute.” Capitol Hill doors are shut, congressional timetables are …

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    Nov 17 2014

    Coalition Releases Comprehensive Recommendations to Help California’s Cities, Farms and Environment Weather the Drought

    From the Natural Resources Defense Council: As dreams of a wet, El Niño winter fade and California heads into a possible fourth consecutive year of drought, a coalition of 15 environmental, fishing and public policy organizations released a set of recommended actions to modernize California’s water system and respond to the drought. The drought has …

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    Nov 15 2014

    Metropolitan Water District, Restore the Delta, and the State Water Contractors react to release of BDCP financing report

    There really wasn’t much of a reaction to the report on BDCP funding that was released on Friday. (You can read the press release here, and the media call transcript here.) Here’s are the statements I have received, listed by organization name in alphabetical order.  I’ll continue to add any other statements from agencies or …

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    Nov 15 2014

    California Weather Blog: A dry start to autumn for most of California as amplified North American pattern continues; Prospects for rain murky

    From the California Weather Blog: “A rather extraordinary sequence of atmospheric events has unfolded over the Pacific Ocean and across adjacent North America over the past week or so. The current pattern is strongly reminiscent of the extremely high amplitude wave pattern that dominated most of winter 2013-2014 and the latter half of 2012-2013. While …

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    Nov 14 2014

    California Treasurer’s Office Releases Report on BDCP Affordability and Financing; Urban and Agricultural Users Have Capacity to Pay Their Share of Costs

    From the California Natural Resources Agency: The California State Treasurer’s Office released The Bay Delta Conveyance Facility: Affordability and Financing Considerations, a study of affordability for the water facility construction proposed in the Public Review Draft Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). This independent study, requested by the California Natural Resources Agency, was commissioned by the California …

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    Nov 14 2014

    Friday Flashback: Tim Washburn on the history and future of Sacramento’s flood control system

    From the archives of Maven’s Notebook: This presentation stands out in my memory as one of my all-time favorites.  Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency’s Tim Washburn gave this dynamic and interesting presentation as part of the first season of the California Water Policy Seminar Series at UC Davis on the Sacramento area’s flood control system.  …

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    Nov 12 2014

    Tunnel opponents call on Gov. Brown to abandon doomed BDCP Delta tunnels; say EPA, agencies’ criticisms are unresolvable

    From Restore the Delta, this press release: Restore the Delta (RTD), Friends of the River (FOR) and California Water Impact Network (C-WIN), opponents of Gov. Brown’s rush to build Peripheral Tunnels that would drain the Delta and doom sustainable farms, salmon and other Pacific fisheries, today outlined the looming fight over the BDCP tunnels. The …

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    Nov 05 2014

    Agencies and organizations react to the passage of Proposition 1

    Yesterday, voters approved Proposition 1, the water bond, by a significant margin.  Here’s what agencies and organizations had to say, listed in alphabetical order: From the Association of California Water Agencies: Timothy Quinn, executive director of the statewide Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA), issued the following statement on the passage of Proposition 1 by …

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    Nov 05 2014

    Legal update: Delta smelt and whooping crane cases show ‘increasing pressure mounting against the Endangered Species Act in the courts’

    At the October 30th meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, legal intern Cody Phillips briefed the council members on recent litigation regarding California water and related issues. He began with the recent development between the Friant Water Authority and the State Water Resources Control Board. “Friant filed a petition in Fresno County Superior Court for …

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    Nov 04 2014

    This just in … Per Capita Daily Water Use Numbers Released By The State Water Board; Statewide Water Conservation Gains Leveling Off

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: Despite recent rains and cooler weather throughout much of the state, California’s drought persists, and now for the first time, estimates of daily water use per person are being reported monthly for nearly every community water system statewide, providing important insight into how water systems are encouraging residents …

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    Nov 04 2014

    Mountain Counties showcases water technology

    This post was written by guest contributor Roberta Long. Heaven-sent rainfall greeted guests on Wednesday, Oct. 15, when Mountain Counties Water Resources Association presented “Innovative Water Technologies for California” at the Lake Natoma Inn in Folsom. After three dry years, nearby Folsom Lake was at 65 percent of its average water level and 35 percent …

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