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    Oct 21 2014

    In his own words … Governor Brown talks water at Stanford conference: “This is not something for a flash in the pan; this is not for a one term Governor; this is really the work of a four-term governor”

    Yesterday,the Hamilton Project and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment held a conference at Stanford titled, New Directions for U.S. Water Policy which brought together officials and experts from California and across the west to discuss water markets, technological innovations, climate change and other water policy issues.  Governor Jerry Brown was the keynote speaker. …

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    Oct 14 2014

    Radio show transcript: Michael Jackson, water rights lawyer, on California’s water history, the twin tunnels, and how this affects Northern California groundwater

    Jim Brobeck, water policy analyst for AquAlliance, interviewed water rights attorney Michael Jackson for a radio show which broadcast on Chico’s KZFR radio on September 12. During the interview, they discussed the history of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Watersheds, the twin tunnels, the water bond, and how these far flung water schemes impact Northern Sacramento Valley …

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    Oct 08 2014

    Speaker Toni Atkins and Senate pro Tem-elect Kevin de Leon briefly talk water policy

    On October 6th, the Public Policy Institute of California held an event, “A Conversation with California’s Legislative Leadership.” In this portion of the event, taken from video of the event posted on YouTube, moderator Mark Baldassare, president and CEO of the PPIC, talks briefly with Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and Senate President pro Tem-elect Kevin …

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    Oct 08 2014

    Tina Cannon Leahy: A tribute to California’s ‘First Lady of Water’

    From Tina Cannon Leahy, posted at the California Water Blog: “As water policy consultant for the California Assembly, I occasionally research legislative history to iron out competing theories on a law’s meaning. So it was earlier this year when I visited the California State Archives to investigate the Davis-Dolwig Act of 1961. I took a …

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    Oct 07 2014

    This just in … Urban Water Suppliers Show Progress In August Water Conservation Report

    From the State Water Resources Control Board:  “Water conservation efforts in California’s urban communities continued their upward trend, climbing to 11.5 percent statewide for the month of August, according to of the latest retail water supplier report released today by the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board). The August statewide water saving rate …

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    Oct 06 2014

    State Water Board issues final order on the reconsideration of Delta Temporary Urgency Change Petitions (TUCPs)

    The State Water Resources Control Board has issued the final order adopted by the Board on September 24, 2014, denying petitions for reconsideration and addressing objections to the Executive Director’s January 31, 2014 order and subsequent changes modifying the Delta water quality requirements for the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project. The order …

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    Oct 03 2014

    This just in … State Water Board To Allow Limited Collection of Early Rainfall by Curtailed Water Right Holders

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: As the 2015 water year begins, the State Water Resources Control Board announced today that curtailed water right holders in the Sacramento, San Joaquin, Russian and Eel river watersheds will be able to take advantage of significant early precipitation events on a limited basis. Early storm events, which …

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    Oct 03 2014

    This just in … Court Strikes Down Environmental Review of Kern Water Bank: California Officials Failed to Consider Environmental Impacts of Bank Operation (includes court documents)

    This just in from the Center for Biological Diversity: “A California judge has struck down the environmental review of the Kern Water Bank, saying state regulators didn’t do enough in 2010 to examine how its operation effects the state’s water resources and wildlife. The ruling by Superior Court Judge Timothy M. Frawley means the state …

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    Oct 03 2014

    News Worth Noting: North State Water Alliance supports the water bond, Center for Biological Diversity does not; EPA announces $183M for CA’s water infrastructure, contract for levee work awarded, Perris Dam earthquake work begins, weekly U.S. water and climate update

    North State Water Alliance supports the water bond:  “The North State Water Alliance (NSWA) supports Proposition 1, the water bond that will be on the ballot in November. This bond would provide considerable benefits to Northern California including substantial investments in the region’s water infrastructure that will help us better prepare for the next drought. …

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    Oct 02 2014

    News Worth Noting: Long-term transfer docs available, DWR releases flood risk guide, Carlsbad desal project now 65% complete

    Notice of Availability for Draft EIS/EIR on Proposed Long-Term Water Transfers; Public Hearings Scheduled: “The Bureau of Reclamation and the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority have made available for public review a joint Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report on the effects of water transfers from 2015 to 2024.  This Draft EIS/EIR evaluates water …

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    Oct 01 2014

    News worth noting: Milestone conference brings Bay, Delta decisionmakers together on freshwater flows, Court of Appeal affirms State Board’s authority to determine both the existence and scope of claimed pre-1914 water rights and clarifies the legal standard for forfeiture; Drought collaboration video with Tuolumne Utilities District & PG&E

    Bay+Delta+Water: Better Together: Milestone Conference Brings Bay, Delta Decisionmakers Together on Freshwater Flows: “More than 200 elected officials, agency leaders and community advocates from the San Francisco Bay & Delta regions convened on September 24th in Antioch to discuss the role that fresh water plays in the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary. Presented by the Association …

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    Sep 30 2014

    Early morning news flash … Request for Temporary Modification to San Joaquin River Flows during October

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: “Please find attached a request from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to temporarily modify the San Joaquin River flow requirements during October pursuant to a Temporary Urgency Change Petition.  The Executive Director expects to act on this request in the near term.  For additional information concerning this matter, …

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    Sep 26 2014

    Jerry Meral and Jonas Minton debate the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

    At the September 18th meeting of the Harry S. Truman Democratic Club in Sacramento, the program featured former Deputy Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency Jerry Meral and the Planning and Conservation League’s Jonas Minton debating the Bay Delta Conservation Plan in a lively back and forth moderated by Lisa Buetler, the Executive Facilitator …

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    Sep 24 2014

    News Worth Noting: New info sheet on Delta water diversions from the State Water Contractors, Latest PPIC poll shows support for water bond, Delta Levee Investment Strategy Issue Paper, State of the Sierra Nevada’s Forests report, DWR’s funding recommendations for drought projects

    Delta Water Diversions: Unmeasured and Unmanaged:  The State Water Contractors has issued a new info sheet on water diversions in advance of today’s workshop on the subject:  “Landowners in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta) divert as much water as the State Water Project (SWP) provides for all of Southern California—with both regions diverting approximately 4 …

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    Sep 22 2014

    News Worth Noting: Governor Brown signs Wolk bill to better manage state’s water resources, California drought continues as Water Year nears the end

    Governor Brown signs Wolk bill to better manage state’s water resources: “Today Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., signed into law legislation by State Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis) to strengthen requirements that urban water districts report to the state their water losses through leaks in their water systems. “The water coming out of taps in California’s …

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