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    Oct 17 2014

    Website notes: Maven on the road, what to expect in the upcoming weeks …

    I’m off on the road today, headed to the environmental lawyer’s conference in Yosemite.  I’m scheduled to be on a media panel on Sunday where I get to give advice to lawyers on how to deal with the crazies on the internet – seems I have some experience with that   From there, I’ll be …

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    Oct 16 2014

    Join the club and help support Maven’s Notebook!

    Dear Readers, When I started this blog two and a half years ago, I have to admit, I didn’t have any expectation of what it would become; I only knew that I wanted to create an outlet that would comprehensively cover the world of California water, and do so in a way that hadn’t been …

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    Aug 15 2014

    Weekend reading: Living with Water Scarcity, Battling drought: The science of water management, and 40 maps that explain food production in the U.S.

    If you’re looking for something different to spend reading on these last days of summer, here are some free (or nearly free) reads you might be interested in: Living with Water Scarcity David Zetland, economist and author of the popular blog, Aguanomics, has made his eBook, Living with Water Scarcity, a free download.  His bottom …

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    Aug 10 2014

    What’s on the calendar this week and beyond …

    Time to open up those calendars and note any of these events that are of interest to you … Coming up this week …   New Directions for Water Policy:  On October 20th, The Hamilton Project at Brookings and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment will host a forum at Stanford University and release …

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    Jul 16 2014

    Join Maven in photographing the 2014 California drought

    Shrunken reservoirs.  Shriveled streams.  Dead lawns and downed orchards. What are the impacts of the drought in your neighborhood?  Maven invites all interested photographers to get out in the field and photograph the California drought as you are experiencing it and seeing it happen. Send in your photos to be included in a special photo …

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    Jun 16 2014

    The internet guide to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

    The comment period for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan will draw to a close on July 29, reaching an important milestone on the road to a decision point.  Of course, we’re not there yet.  After the public comment period closes, the comments will be considered and the substantive comments responded to, and final documents prepared.  …

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    Jun 09 2014

    Miscellaneous notes: Take a Virtual Water Tour of California, DWR’s Apprenticeship Program, and a new water pricing interactive from the New CA Water Atlas

    Take a virtual water tour around the state: There is no other state where water and economic development is so tightly woven together than here in California. Since the gold rush, water has been the engine that has promoted economic and social development in the state. Water is still a precious resource in California; however, …

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    Jun 01 2014

    The Sunday Best: Last week’s most popular posts and out-clicks

    Last week’s most popular posts In her own words: Pat Mulroy: “Water management in the Wild West: Lessons Learned” Governor Brown announces appointments: Karla Nemeth appointed deputy secretary for water policy, Kristopher Tjernell appointed special assistant for water policy, and Susan Tatayon appointed to the Delta Stewardship Council This just in … State Water Board …

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    May 27 2014

    Recap of holiday weekend postings and website news …

    Holiday weekend posting recap … Here at Maven’s Notebook, water news never takes a weekend – or a holiday, either – but if you’re just getting back to your computer after the long weekend, it can be a little overwhelming.  So I’ll make it a little easier for you.  Here’s a list of everything that …

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    Mar 23 2014

    Website news: Coming up this week, plus it’s your choice … what should I work on next … ?

    Okay, readers, my list is long and there’s only one of me, so I have decided to see what you would be most interested in reading next. But first, here’s what’s coming up this week on the Notebook: The 2014 California Water Policy Seminar Series will be continuing.  On Monday, Tim Quinn and Jay Ziegler …

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    Mar 10 2014

    California Water Policy Seminar Series: Michael Rosenzweig: Tactics for conserving diversity: Global vertebrate patterns point the way

    The 2014 California Water Policy Seminar Series presented by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and the law school’s California Environmental Law & Policy Center is focusing on how to manage water systems for both ecosystem and economic objectives – an immense challenge for engineers, ecologists, lawyers, water managers and policymakers alike.  This year’s seminar series …

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    Mar 09 2014

    Sunday best: The most read posts and most popular outclicks for last week

    Here’s a look at the most popular items on the Notebook blog last week. 604 total views, 1 views today

    604 total views, 1 views today

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    Mar 02 2014

    The Sunday best: A recap of last week’s top 5 posts and out-clicks

    Here are the most popular posts and out-clicks for last week: Last week’s top 5 posts Superior Court tentatively rules in favor of San Diego County Water Authority in Metropolitan rate case; Met remains confident they will prevail in the end Daily Digest: $687M drought package goes to Governor, DC legislators look to water storage, …

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    Feb 24 2014

    Website notes: Old format returns, plus what to expect this week

    Old website format returns … Thank you to all who submitted comments about the different website format.  Comments were running significantly more thumbs-down then thumbs-up, so I have returned it back to it’s previous layout. I have had website envy ever since Legal Planet gave their site a makeover, as I really like how their …

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    Feb 23 2014

    Sunday best: A recap of last week’s top posts and out-clicks

    Here are the top 5 most-read posts on the Notebook last week: Reclamation notifies San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Authority that they will only receive 40% of their entitlement, far below their contractual 75% critical year entitlement Governor Brown, Legislative Leaders Announce Emergency Drought Legislation Reclamation announces initial 2014 Central Valley Project Water Supply Allocation: …

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