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    Category Archive: Maven’s Minutes

    Oct 16 2014

    Delta Conservancy September Board Meeting: Wildlife Friendly Agricultural Practices in the Delta, preparing for the water bond, and more …

    On September 24th, the Board of Directors of the Delta Conservancy held their quarterly meeting.  On the agenda, a presentation on a new program for bird-friendly agricultural practices being rolled out in the Delta later this year, and a discussion on initial preparations for potential water bond funds. Applying bird-friendly agricultural practices in the Delta …

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    Oct 15 2014

    Urban water conservation programs: How effective are they?

    As the exceptionally dry conditions continue, the Governor and agency officials plead for water users to conserve, and water agencies across the state have responded by rolling out an array of water conservation programs in order to encourage consumers to use less water.  But just how effective are these programs?  Kurt Schwabe, Associate Professor of …

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    Oct 13 2014

    California’s drought: A result of natural hydrologic variability, climate change, or both?

    With exceptionally dry conditions continuing with really no end in sight, drought was the main topic at the San Gabriel Valley Water Forum held October 2nd in Pomona.  The forum brought together experts and local water officials to discuss the multiple impacts of drought and how region can best be prepared. The forum opened with …

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    Oct 09 2014

    USGS Science in the Delta, plus other notes from the September meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council

    At the September 25 meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, the council members unanimously approved the addition of the USGS to the core membership of the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee, the committee that the Council has formed to coordinate implementation of the Delta Plan. After the vote was taken, USGS Deputy Regional Director Jeff …

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    Oct 08 2014

    Delta Protection Commission discusses Proposition 1, plus other notes from the September meeting

    At the September 25 meeting of the Delta Protection Commission, the commissioners discussed whether or not they should take a position on Proposition 1, the water bond.  Executive Officer Eric Vink began with a brief presentation on the four provisions in Proposition 1 that are relevant to the Delta in order to set up the …

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    Oct 07 2014

    A brief report from the State Water Board’s workshop on Central and Southern Delta Water Availability and Use

    Cody Phillips, a legal intern with the Delta Stewardship Council, attended the September 24th workshop at the State Water Board, and gave this report to the Delta Stewardship Council at their September 25th meeting: “I attended the workshop with Mr. Samsam. It was entitled “Central and Southern Delta Water Availability and Use,” and it addressed …

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    Oct 07 2014

    Retiring Delta Watermaster Craig Wilson gives his last report to the Delta Protection Commission

    On September 25th, the Delta Protection Commission met in Discovery Bay.  On the agenda, an update from retiring Delta Watermaster Craig Wilson and the Commission’s consideration of taking a position on Proposition 1, the water bond.  This is the first of two-part coverage from the meeting and covers the presentation by the Delta Watermaster.  Part …

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    Oct 06 2014

    Delta Levee Investment Strategy update: Presentation and discussion of the Levee Investment Issue Paper

    At the September meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, Deputy Executive Officer Cindy Messer updated the council on the progress of the development of the Delta levee investment strategy. The focus of this month’s update is an issue paper that staff have drafted and is currently being circulated for public review. The issue paper has …

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    Oct 02 2014

    Metropolitan’s Jeff Kightlinger speaks to Los Angeles business community at Townhall LA

    The September 22nd luncheon meeting of TownHall Los Angeles featured Jeffrey Kightlinger, General Manager and CEO of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California as the featured speaker, who spoke about the drought, the water bond, groundwater and more. Here’s what he had to say: Mr. Kightlinger began with the history and background of the …

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    Oct 01 2014

    Divvying up the costs of the twin tunnels: Metropolitan Committee is updated on the BDCP’s cost allocation discussions

    At the September 23rd meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Special Committee on the Bay-Delta, Metropolitan Manager Steve Arakawa updated the committee on the status of the cost allocation discussions for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). These discussions focus on how the costs will apportioned between the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project, …

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    Sep 29 2014

    Director Mark Cowin updates Metropolitan’s Bay Delta Committee on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and addresses EPA’s comments, plus Randy Fiorini of the Delta Stewardship Council on the Council’s five priorities

    The latest information on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan took center stage at the September 23rd meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Special Committee on the Bay Delta. The meeting began with a presentation by Mark Cowin, Director of the Department of Water Resources, who updated the Committee the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and how the …

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    Sep 26 2014

    Jerry Meral and Jonas Minton debate the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

    At the September 18th meeting of the Harry S. Truman Democratic Club in Sacramento, the program featured former Deputy Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency Jerry Meral and the Planning and Conservation League’s Jonas Minton debating the Bay Delta Conservation Plan in a lively back and forth moderated by Lisa Buetler, the Executive Facilitator …

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    Sep 24 2014

    Groundwater pumping and subsidence in the Central Valley

    It’s been called the largest alteration of the earth’s surface.  In the San Joaquin Valley,  since the 1920s, farmers have relied on groundwater to varying degrees, and over time, overpumping of groundwater basin has caused the land to subside – over 30 feet in some locations.  In this presentation, USGS hydrologist Michelle Sneed discusses subsidence …

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    Sep 17 2014

    Groundwater and surface water interactions under water shortage

    The exceptionally dry conditions along with the recent passage of groundwater legislation has focused the state’s attention on its groundwater resources.  In this presentation, Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions Under Water Shortage, Thomas Harter, faculty and cooperative extension specialist with UC Davis, gives an overview of groundwater and how groundwater works, where groundwater is in …

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    Sep 10 2014

    Update on urban water conservation numbers: State reduces water use overall by 7.5% in July, saving 17 billion gallons of water

    At the September 9 meeting of the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board), Max Gomberg gave a presentation on the August water production data that was provided to the Board as required by the emergency conservation regulation adopted by the board in July. He began by noting that the data was required by …

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