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    Category Archive: Maven’s Minutes

    Nov 19 2014

    Shopping for water: How the market can mitigate water shortages in the American West

    In October of 2014, the Hamilton Project and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment hosted a forum, New Directions for U.S. Water Policy, which brought together government and agency officials with policy experts to discuss the release of new papers highlighting opportunities from improving water management in the West. While California’s current drought is …

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    Nov 17 2014

    Water Marketing, Groundwater Banking & Drought Management in California

    The University of California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) has developed a series of webinars titled Insights: Water and Drought which feature timely, relevant expertise on water and drought from experts around the University of California system.  Ellen Hanak is an economist and water policy specialist with the Public Policy Institute of California, a nonpartisan …

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    Nov 14 2014

    Media call on latest BDCP Affordability and Financing Considerations report, plus a brief update on when to expect the recirculated BDCP docs

    This morning, the California Natural Resources Agency held a media call regarding the release of the report, The Bay Delta Conveyance Facility: Affordability and Financing Considerations.  On the call today was Karla Nemeth, policy advisor to Governor Brown on water and also the lead on the BDCP, Tim Gage, former finance director for the State …

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    Nov 14 2014

    Dr. Stephen Brandt: Habitat quality: A fish’s perspective

    The 8th Biennial Bay Delta Science Conference brought together over a thousand scientists, managers, and policy makers to Sacramento to hear the latest advances in scientific information and ideas on water resource management in the Delta, its watershed, and the San Francisco Estuary. As the fifth and final plenary speaker, Delta Independent Science Board member …

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    Nov 13 2014

    Delta Stewardship Council Chair Randy Fiorini on Actionable Science in the Delta

    As Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council, Randy Fiorini heads the agency that is charged with developing and implementing a long term plan for the Delta that will achieve the coequal goals, and to do so through the use of best available science.  At the 2014 Bay Delta Science Conference plenary session, Randy Fiorini outlined …

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    Nov 12 2014

    Dr. Peter Goodwin: Six things the Delta science community has learned in the last two years

    Dr. Peter Goodwin is an internationally recognized expert in ecohydraulics, ecosystem restoration, and the enhancement of river, wetland and estuarine systems. Among his many accomplishments, he is the Presidential Professor in Ecohydraulics and professor of civil engineering at the University of Idaho, and the founding and current director of the Center for Ecohydraulics Research.  Since …

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    Nov 12 2014

    California Water Quality Monitoring Council: Toward an Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Framework

    Monitoring and assessment are crucial to environmental decision making by helping managers track the outcomes of their management actions. However, in order to produce meaningful data, a wide range of data types are needed to be captured and then aggregated into indicators that are useful to environmental managers. Although there have been requirements on the …

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    Nov 11 2014

    Terraforming California 2.0: Dr. Anke Mueller-Solger on collaborating and cooperating in the Delta

    Dr. Anke Mueller-Solger is the Associate Director for Projects at the U.S. Geological Survey.  Prior to joining the USGS last year, Dr. Mueller-Solger was the Interagency Ecological Program Lead Scientist for six years. In this second speech from the plenary session of the 2014 Bay Delta Science Conference, Dr. Anke Mueller-Solger talks about the changing …

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    Nov 10 2014

    Deputy Secretary Michael Connor opens Bay Delta Science Conference: ‘Policy making and scientific research must advance hand in hand with each other’

    The 8th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference, held October 28 through 30th, 2014 in Sacramento, brought together over 1000 scientists, managers and policymakers to hear the latest research, understanding and ideas about the complex Delta ecosystem. Over the upcoming weeks, Maven’s Notebook will be providing coverage of many of the sessions and presentations at this year’s …

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    Nov 07 2014

    Delta Stewardship Council: October update on the Delta Levee Prioritization Strategy

    At the October meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, Supervising Engineer Dustin Jones provided the council with a monthly update on the progress of the development of the Delta levee prioritization strategy. The Delta Stewardship Council was directed to develop the strategy by the 2009 Delta Reform Act that will guide state investments in Delta …

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    Nov 05 2014

    Felicia Marcus: California Water: Where We Are, and Where We Ought to Go

    Each year, the Environmental Law Section of the California State Bar holds their annual conference at the Tenaya Lodge at the outskirts of Yosemite National Park.  The Saturday sessions kicked off with Felicia Marcus, Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board, as the keynote speaker.  During her speech, she talked about the drought, the …

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    Nov 04 2014

    Congressman George Miller on the Delta and water policy: “I think we’ve turned a bit of a corner.”

    On September 24th, the ‘Bay + Delta + Water: Better Together’ conference brought over 200 elected officials, agency leaders, and community advocates to Antioch to discuss the important role freshwater plays in the Delta and its impacts on ecosystems, recreation, and the economy.  The half-day conference was presented by the Association of Bay Area Governments, …

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    Nov 03 2014

    Climate change and paleoclimatology: Putting California’s drought in a long-term perspective

    The University of California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) has developed a series of webinars titled Insights: Water and Drought which feature timely, relevant expertise on water and drought from experts around the University of California system.    In this webinar, Professor Lynn Ingram, a professor of Earth and Planetary Science at UC Berkeley, discusses …

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    Oct 31 2014

    Dr. David Sunding and Josue Medellin-Azuara on the economics of drought

    At the San Gabriel Valley Water Forum held at the beginning of October in Pomona, Dr. David Sunding gave a presentation on the costs of shortage in urban water systems. Afterwards, Josue Medellin-Azuara discussed the impact of drought on agriculture and food prices. Dr. David Sunding Dr. David Sunding’s presentation to the forum dealt with …

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    Oct 30 2014

    California Water Commission: A progress report on DWR’s System Reoperation Study

    At the October meeting of the California Water Commission, Ajay Goyal, Chief of the Department of Water Resources Surface Storage Investigations branch, briefed Commission members on the status of the Department’s System Reoperation Study. The study, mandated by SB X2 1 in 2008, seeks to identify potential strategies for the reoperation of statewide flood protection …

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