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The promise and pitfalls of regional planning for special status species

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Panel discusses the pros and cons of Habitat Conservation Plans and Natural Community Conservation Plans In recent years in an effort to avoid ‘postage stamp’ conservation, many regional planning efforts have been undertaken that allow for development while at the same time, provide for conservation of habitat and species. Known as Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) under federal endangered species regulations […]

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Lessons from Australia’s millennium drought

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An Australian water official discusses the key policy initiatives that Australia enacted to respond to long-term exceptional drought conditions In the late 1990s, Australia began experiencing severe drought conditions that stretched on for well over a decade.  Australia is no stranger to drought, being known as the ‘land of droughts and flooding rains;’ however, the Millennium Drought as it would […]

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Michael Anderson, State Climatologist: Climate, Drought, and Change

Michael Anderson 2

The state climatologist discusses the current drought and the signs of climate change. Is the current drought a harbinger of the future? With the winter season once again seemingly passing California by, officials are bracing for a fourth year of drought.  Earlier this month, the Public Policy Institute of California held a half-day conference in Sacramento focusing on how the […]

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Heather Cooley: The Untapped Potential of California’s Water Supply: Efficiency, Reuse, and Stormwater

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Recent study by the Pacific Institute and the NRDC show that there is potential water savings equivalent to 10.8 to 13.7 MAF per year At the Bay Delta Science Conference held last fall, Heather Cooley from the Pacific Institute gave a presentation entitled, “The Untapped Potential of California’s Water Supply,” which draws on a series of reports jointly released by […]

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Delta Levee Investment Strategy Update: Delta Stewardship Council accepts the Delta Levee Investment Issue Paper

The San Joaquin - Sacramento delta, as seen from a ship traveling through the Stockton Ship Channel on September 24, 2013.

The Delta Stewardship Council votes to unanimously accept the Delta Levee Investment Issue Paper, setting the framework for upcoming policy discussions The Delta Levee Investment Strategy project is an 18-month multi-agency effort led by the Delta Stewardship Council to update priorities for state investments in Delta levees. The strategy is intended to guide the ongoing investment of State funds that […]

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The future of water transfers after the 2014 drought

ACWA Trannsfers Panel 1

Panel discusses how the water transfer market fared the drought in 2014, and with another dry year possible, they contemplate the future of water transfers in 2015 At the fall conference of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA), one of the most well attended sessions was the panel discussion on water transfers.  Attorneys Andrea Clark, Spencer Kenner, Andrew Hitchings […]

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The California Water Plan: Roadmap for Action

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DWR’s Kamyar Guivetchi presents the California Water Plan, touching on the importance of integrated water management; the nexus between the California Water Plan and the California Water Action Plan; the three overarching themes of integration, alignment and investment; and the plan’s “Roadmap for Action.” At the December meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, Council members were given an overview on […]

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Setting the agenda for science in the Delta

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Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee members agree to accept interim science action agenda and return in six months with a list of their science priorities (Note: This is part 2 of coverage from the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee meeting.  For part 1, go here: California Water Action Plan implementation coordination and progress; Integrating flood and ecosystem planning in the […]

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California Water Action Plan implementation coordination and progress; Integrating flood and ecosystem planning in the Yolo Bypass

DPIIC Meeting 1

Janelle Beland and Kris Tjernell from the California Natural Resources Agency brief the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee on the progress in implementing the California Water Action Plan and the efforts to integrate flood and ecosystem planning in the Yolo Bypass. The Delta Reform Act of 2009 created the Delta Stewardship Council and charged it with developing a comprehensive plan […]

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Groundwater adjudication hearing, part 3: Panel discussion on options for moving forward

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Groundwater adjudications, notoriously expensive and time consuming, emerged as an issue during the development and ultimate passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014, and the Brown Administration has made it a priority to consider possible reforms.  To that end, on November 20, the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water held an informational hearing on groundwater adjudications titled, […]

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