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A look at three successful turf replacement programs

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Metropolitan Water District, San Diego County Water Authority, and Southern Nevada Water Authority’s turf replacement programs highlighted in a Water Research Foundation webinar As California enters what could be yet another year of drought conditions, cities and communities looking to reduce water use have turned to programs aimed at encouraging residents to remove thirsty turf grass and replace it with […]

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Drought in the Delta: The view from within

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Melinda Terry and Dante Nomellini discuss water quality and water rights issues and how they are affecting Delta farmers As the exceptional drought conditions continue, the impacts are being felt statewide, the Delta being no exception.  At the September 17 meeting of the Delta Protection Commission, Melinda Terry from the North Delta Water Agency and Dante Nomellini from the Central […]

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Delta Protection Commission prepares to comment on Cal Water Fix

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The September meeting includes an update on the preparation of comments, and input from Delta stakeholders on the project As the state agency whose mission is in part to protect, maintain, enhance, and enrich the overall quality of the Delta environment and its economy, the Delta Protection Commission has an interest in commenting on the Cal Water Fix or Delta […]

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Sacramento Delta Levees: Radar-based monitoring from 41,000 feet

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NASA’s Dr. Cathleen Jones discusses an ongoing pilot study that uses radar technology to monitor Delta levees Monitoring levees is currently done using ground-level observations and instrumentation, but with over a thousand miles of levees in the Delta, remote sensing could turn out to be a game-changing technology for determining the health and status of levees on a broad scale. […]

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Managing California’s Groundwater for Drought, Clean Water, Food Security, and Ecosystems

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Dr. Thomas Harter on the importance groundwater – a critical source of drinking water and drought insurance for 40% of our planet’s agriculture Dr. Thomas Harter, Robert M. Hagan Endowed Chair in Water Management and Policy at the University of California Davis, gave this presentation on groundwater earlier this year at the Beckman Center in Irvine as part of the […]

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Secretary John Laird discusses climate change adaptation at Southern California conference

Santa Monica

Secretary John Laird speaks of the administration’s efforts on climate change adaptation, sea level rise, and preparing our water resources for the future The State of the Bay conference is held every five years to address the progress of restoring and protecting the Santa Monica Bay and its resources. The one-day conference, jointly presented by The Bay Foundation, Santa Monica […]

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Discussion continues at the Delta Stewardship Council on Delta conveyance, storage, and water operations principles

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Lester Snow, Buzz Thompson, Tom Zuckerman, and Robert Shibatani give their thoughts on the draft principles At the August meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, discussion continued on a possible amendment to the Delta Plan addressing conveyance, storage, and water project operations. Executive Officer Jessica Pearson began the agenda item by reminding the Council members that the reason they are […]

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Secretary Laird talks Cal Water Fix to San Diego County Water Authority’s Imported Water Committee


Secretary John Laird and Deputy Secretary Karla Nemeth discuss Cal Water Fix, the Coordinated Operating Agreement, and federal legislation On August 27th, Natural Resources Secretary John Laird spoke to the Imported Water Committee of the San Diego County Water Authority. On hand to answer questions also was Deputy Secretary for Water Policy Karla Nemeth. Committee Chair Mark Watton began by […]

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Delta Stewardship Council receives progress report on review of Cal Water Fix documents

DSC August

Council staff is looking at how the Council’s previous comments and concerns were addressed in the recirculated documents In July, the Partially Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report (REIR)/Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan/California Water Fix was released for public review period which will end on October 30th. As a responsible agency, a role defined […]

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Department of Water Resources presents Basin Boundary Regulations at public meeting

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Public comment period on the draft regulations closes this Friday Yesterday, the Department of Water Resources held a public meeting to present the draft set of regulations for revising groundwater basin boundaries, the first set of regulations to be developed as part of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.  The draft regulations were released in mid-July, initiating a comment period which […]

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