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    Category Archive: Guest blogger

    Sep 02 2014

    California Weather Blog: California’s drought very unlikely to improve in short term; thoughts about the upcoming winter rainy season

    From the California Weather Blog: “The weather in California has been relatively uneventful over the past few weeks. Periodic thunderstorm activity has continued to affect mainly inland desert and mountain areas, mostly in the southern part of the state. Hurricane Marie–once a formidable category five storm in the eastern Pacific ocean–brought pretty clouds (but also damaging …

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    Aug 11 2014

    California Weather Blog: Major lightning outbreak/fire weather event likely in California, part of very active summer monsoon in 2014, plus is persistent ridging returning … ?

    From the California Weather Blog: California’s very active summer pattern (see below) is set to continue over the next few days. As of Sunday afternoon, a well-defined cutoff low had set up shop about 150 miles northwest of San Francisco. This low–which is rather deep for the late-summer months–has actually begun to retrograde (move back westward) while sending …

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    Jul 21 2014

    California Weather Blog: An overview of California’s ongoing and extraordinary drought: a tale of exceptional dryness and record warmth

    From the California Weather Blog: “Droughts historically have a way of sneaking up on California, and the extraordinary 2012-2014 drought has been no exception. Year-to-year and even season-to-season rainfall variability is quite high in this part of the world, which means that it’s nearly impossible to know whether a single dry year (or season) portends …

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    Permanent link to this article: http://mavensnotebook.com/2014/07/21/california-weather-blog-an-overview-of-californias-ongoing-and-extraordinary-drought-a-tale-of-exceptional-dryness-and-record-warmth/

    Jul 14 2014

    John Kingsbury: Protecting watersheds first step in water policy

    This commentary is written by John Kingsbury, Executive Director of the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association: Mountain watersheds can survive without the Delta, but the Delta cannot survive without the watersheds. The waters that form creeks and streams in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada mountains and join to create the great rivers that flow into …

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    Jul 10 2014

    Trio of state water leaders centerpiece of Mountain Counties event

    Note:  This post is written by guest blogger Roberta Long. Three of California’s top water decision-makers came to Placerville on June 6 for a joint presentation by Mountain Counties Water Resources Association (Mountain Counties) and the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Region 3. The program, “California’s Water Leaders,” was held at the Wedgewood Sequoia …

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    Jul 07 2014

    California Weather Blog: Hot, dry summer continues in California; severe fire season looms; El Niño update

    From the California Weather Blog: “In many ways, the weather over the past few weeks has been pretty typical of early summer in California. It’s been hot in the inland valleys, and not so hot near the coast, with a sharp gradient in between. Conditions have been largely dry, though an increasingly moist monsoonal flow …

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    Jun 23 2014

    California Weather Blog: California’s record-warmest year worsens exceptional drought; El Niño continues to develop in Pacific

    From the California Weather Blog: Summary of recent weather conditions “The past couple of weeks have been warm and dry across nearly the entire state.  While no widespread major heat waves occurred, certain regions (particularly in the Sacramento Valley) did set new daily record highs on a couple of occasions since my last post, and …

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    Permanent link to this article: http://mavensnotebook.com/2014/06/23/california-weather-blog-californias-record-warmest-year-worsens-exceptional-drought-el-nino-continues-to-develop-in-pacific/

    Jun 02 2014

    California Weather Blog: Rainy season ends in California; exceptional drought continues to intensify

    From the California Weather Blog: “April and May were very dry months for much of California. In most of the major population centers, little or no measurable precipitation occurred during the entire month of May.  Occasional thunderstorms did bring highly localized downpours –mostly confined to the Sierra Nevada mountains–but overall precipitation was well below average for …

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    May 05 2014

    California Weather Blog: California’s dry season has arrived; March toward El Niño continues in Pacific

    From the California Weather Blog: “California’s meager rainy season of 2013-2014 experienced its last gasp in late April. Modest rainfall (and mountain snowfall) occurred on April 25th, though outside of a few localized downpours overall precipitation totals were not particularly noteworthy. Over the past ten days, strong high pressure associated with a high-amplitude 500mb ridge developed …

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    Permanent link to this article: http://mavensnotebook.com/2014/05/05/california-weather-blog-californias-dry-season-has-arrived-march-toward-el-nino-continues-in-pacific/

    Apr 21 2014

    California Weather Blog: Some late-season precipitation headed for California; Evolution toward El Niño continues

    From the California Weather Blog: “Warm and dry conditions have been the rule across California over the past two weeks, with the exception of a few high-mountain springtime thunderstorms fueled by weak atmospheric disturbances and moisture from melting of the meager Sierra Nevada snowpack. Sierra snow water equivalent is at record or near-record low levels. (DWR) The recent rate of …

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    Apr 01 2014

    Guest blogger: Rebuttal to yesterday’s media call: Opportunities Lost

    From Cannon Michael (@agleader), this guest commentary and rebuttal to yesterday’s Pacific Institute and NRDC Media Call: California is experiencing a drought.  It isn’t the first and it won’t be the last.  This year only briefly started on par with the last big drought of 1977.  Storms in February and March have pulled California out …

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    Mar 10 2014

    California Weather Blog: California enters extended dry period once again as high pressure builds; summer-like temperatures by mid-March

    From the California Weather Blog: “Active weather finally did return to the Golden State over the past several weeks. A handful of storm systems, driven by the first major easterly incursion of the low-latitude Pacific jet stream in over a year, brought substantial precipitation to essentially the entire drought region. One of these storms in …

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    Permanent link to this article: http://mavensnotebook.com/2014/03/10/california-weather-blog-california-enters-extended-dry-period-once-again-as-high-pressure-builds-summer-like-temperatures-by-mid-march/

    Feb 27 2014

    Guest blogger: Loving Yosemite means many things

    From Spreck Rosekrans, Executive Director of Hetch Hetchy: “For many of us, loving Yosemite means loving the whole park and therefore restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley to its former glory. And restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley means developing a practical water system solution for San Francisco and its Bay Area customers. So Restore Hetch Hetchy loves a …

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    Feb 24 2014

    California Weather Blog: Strong storm headed for California this week; compelling signs of developing El Nino, but will the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge return in the meantime?

    From the California Weather Blog: “Unusually dry and warm conditions have returned to California over the past week. In the wake of the atmospheric river event two weeks ago, high pressure built back over the far eastern Pacific and has acted to deflect most storm activity to the north of California, which is a pattern very …

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    Permanent link to this article: http://mavensnotebook.com/2014/02/24/california-weather-blog-strong-storm-headed-for-california-this-week-compelling-signs-of-developing-el-nino-but-will-the-ridiculously-resilient-ridge-return-in-the-meantime/

    Feb 21 2014

    Guest blogger: Worried about the drought? Let farmers buy and sell water

    Today’s guest blogger is David Zetland of the Aguanomics blog, who wrote this exclusively for Maven’s Notebook: “California is gripped by yet another drought. Citizens are concerned, farmers are desperate and politicians are looking for quick fixes. The quickest fix is to allow water trading in markets. The drought has reduced supplies. In the past, …

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