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California Weather Blog: Prolonged period of West Coast heat and thunderstorms; wildfire risk soars

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From Daniel Swain at the California Weather Blog: “California experienced a cooler-than-average May in 2015–becoming the first month with below average temperatures in many months. However, those comfortably cool spring temperatures are now long gone, and June has turned out to be a very warm month across nearly the entire state. Several heat waves have brought very hot temperatures at […]

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Guest commentary: Former Delta Watermaster Craig Wilson with more on his alternative to the Delta tunnels

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A system combining a western conveyance, operable gates, and a ‘polishing’ facility would have all the benefits of the tunnels plan and none of the drawbacks, he says This commentary is written exclusively for Maven’s Notebook by Commentary by Craig Wilson, the first Delta Watermaster and former Chief Counsel to State Water Board. He writes: “On May 15, 2015 the Sacramento […]

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California Weather Blog: As California’s record-setting drought persists, El Niño is rapidly intensifying in the tropical Pacific

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From Daniel Swain at the California Weather Blog: “As has been the case with much of the 2014-2015 “wet season” in California, the past month has brought a decidedly mixed arrangement of weather conditions. The past  30 days have been substantially drier than usual nearly everywhere, though there have been a few localized, notable exceptions. Convective activity (especially over the […]

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Guest commentary: Using the Reasonable Use Doctrine to restrict riparian water use

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Commentary by Craig Wilson, the first Delta Watermaster and former Chief Counsel to State Water Board: The Governor recently stated that we need to step it up regarding responses to the epic drought that continues in California.  He then issued an unprecedented Emergency Order mandating urban water use reductions.   Yesterday the state Water Board issued an Order to implement this […]

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Easter Sunday commentary: Water Today – What about our 7th Generation?

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As springtime brings renewal to our mountain watersheds, it is also the time to renew our over-regulated and politically charged California water management system, says John Kingsbury THIS IS THE FIRST IN A SERIES OF HOLIDAY COMMENTARIES: This year, Maven’s Notebook will be running special commentaries from written by notable people drawing on the theme of the holiday.  I hope […]

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When it comes to fish habitat, offers they can refuse

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From Estuary News: “The numbers are daunting: 8,000 acres to be restored to fish-friendly tidal habitat in order to comply with federal wildlife agencies’ Biological Opinions; another 65,000 if and when the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan is implemented; more still in mitigation for levee operations. Where will it all come from? Some parcels suitable for restoration are already publicly-owned, but not […]

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Mountain Counties showcases water technology


This post was written by guest contributor Roberta Long. Heaven-sent rainfall greeted guests on Wednesday, Oct. 15, when Mountain Counties Water Resources Association presented “Innovative Water Technologies for California” at the Lake Natoma Inn in Folsom. After three dry years, nearby Folsom Lake was at 65 percent of its average water level and 35 percent of capacity. Looking east, the […]

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Tina Cannon Leahy: A tribute to California’s ‘First Lady of Water’

A former telephone operator from Nebraska, Pauline Davis became the longest-serving woman in the California Legislature and an effective advocate of local water development. Source: private collection of  Rodney Davis

From Tina Cannon Leahy, posted at the California Water Blog: “As water policy consultant for the California Assembly, I occasionally research legislative history to iron out competing theories on a law’s meaning. So it was earlier this year when I visited the California State Archives to investigate the Davis-Dolwig Act of 1961. I took a manila folder from the nice […]

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In the Bay Area, Alameda Creek work trickles on


From Ariel Rubissow-Okamoto at Estuary News: Throughout Alameda Creek’s 640-square-mile watershed dozens
 of wet spots have been drained, dams built, creeks buried, and channels reshaped. “The watershed is huge and complex, and all these changes, compounded over time, have left us with a long and arduous path to getting it to function more naturally again. We’re going to need the […]

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Estuary News: Defter Delta Restoration


From Estuary News: “An issue paper endorsed by the Delta Stewardship Council this August seeks to spark progress throughout the myriad stages of habitat restoration. As public and private interests gear up to help endangered fish and migrating birds by restoring habitats in six priority zones of the Delta and Suisun Marsh, this paper lays out tools and concepts for […]

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