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Bloggers on the drought impacts to farm employment, ag water use, almonds, groundwater, water markets, water rights, water pricing, the Delta smelt, the Delta Levee Investment Strategy, and more …

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New data shows surprisingly small impacts in farm employment: Jeff Michael writes, “While I have a long record of saying that drought impacts on the economy tend to be overblown, even I was surprised by the minimal drought impacts in the data released this morning.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages is the most reliable […]

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Bloggers on drought and water management, State Water Board’s TUCP decision, alarming headlines, fish versus people, Medicine Lake, and more …

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Sao California: David Zetland of Aguanomics weighs in on the California drought:  He writes, “I was speaking to a reporter a few weeks ago about Sao Paolo, Brazil. He wanted my opinion on what would happen in their developing water shortage and how policy might minimize the harm to the millions of people living there.  My response to him (in […]

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Bloggers on CA’s irrigated acreage and table vegetables and fruits, lies the gov’t tells about the drought, stormwater, conference presentations, Mono Lake, a pipeline to Missouri and more …

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One-third of California’s irrigated acreage grows table vegetables and fruits.  On the Public Record writes, “I got these numbers from the USDA 2014 Agricultural Overview.  I aggregated them willy-nilly and even rounded to make the addition easier.  This is rough; it won’t even add up to 10 million acres.  But the next time someone says ‘California grows HALF! the countries […]

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Bloggers on the drought, waiving environmental rules, levee design and prioritization, almonds, Tulloch Lake, oil drilling and water, Kern County sumps, groundwater management and more …


The 2015 Drought so far – March 1:  Jay Lund writes, “Droughts are strange, and this one is becoming scarier.  February began with a nice few stormy days, but has since looked like this January – very dry. And so far, the March forecast is not wet.  At the beginning of March, the Northern Sierra (Sacramento Valley) Precipitation Index was […]

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Bloggers on reconciling the desired Delta with the possible, the State Water Board, Sites Reservoir, SWP allocation, groundwater rules, and more …

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21st century Delta: Reconciling the desired with the possible:  Steven Culberson writes, “Estuaries are hard places to understand and even harder to explain. Estuarine scientists, myself included, have struggled to learn how changes in the San Francisco Estuary led to declining fish populations and waning productivity, particularly in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  We keep searching for what is broken or […]

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Blog round-up: Outdated reservoir rules, Shipping Boston’s snow to CA, Managing in dry years, State Water Board TUCP decision, suction dredge mining, and spiky weather, plus 8 water tricks that will melt your mind …

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A dam waste: Outdated reservoir rules dump water during drought: Juliet Christian-Smith writes, “Last year, California’s drought task force toured the parched state, visiting sites impacted by the record dry conditions. At Lake Mendocino, a reservoir located in the northern part of the state, they saw bathtub rings and beached docks, evidence of drastically reduced water levels. Therefore, it should be […]

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Bloggers on the oil waste in drinking water, State Water Board decisions, BDCP affordability report, rain barrels, Bay Bridge and climate change, water games, and more …


Who is to blame for oil waste in California’s drinking water?  Briana Mordick writes: “New information from the California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) reveals that decades of poor record-keeping, lax oversight, and – in some cases – outright defiance of the law has allowed oil and gas operators to inject potentially toxic oil and gas wastewater […]

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Bloggers on dams, fish eating fish, hyacinth, drought, fracking and more …

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How dam operators can breathe more life into rivers: Sarah Yarnell writes: “Dams are no friend to biodiversity. Once impounded, a river answers first and foremost to human needs, be it water supply, energy production or flood protection. Releases are measured and timed to satisfy these demands.  As a result, the river downstream loses much of its natural variability in timing, […]

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Blog round-up: Mist as a water supply source, Alex Breitler ‘fesses up, flood protection shortfall, grand plans, water from the sky and more …

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Demystifying mist as a source of water supply: Jay Lund writes: “In some of the world’s driest places, atmospheric moisture is a major source of water for native ecosystems. Some algae, plants and insects in the Israeli and Namibian deserts get much of their water from fog, dew and humidity. The spines of some cacti species have evolved to collect fog droplets. California’s redwood […]

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Blog round-up: A salmon success story, planning for another year of drought, Costa’s disappointment, Federal-CA funding clash, Sunday trumpets and more …

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A salmon success story during the California drought:  “Looking back on 2014, it’s hard not to feel despair for California salmon.  With drought-stricken rivers dangerously warm and slow for spring migration, the government was giving millions of young hatchery salmon a lift to the Pacific by truck and barge. Come August, several streams in the Central Valley were drying up. […]

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