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    Category Archive: Blog Round-Up

    Nov 18 2014

    Bloggers on the drought, 60 minutes omission, groundwater, the water bond, clean water rule, and more …

    Competing water futures for California:  “California is at a crossroads.  One path offers green cities, sustainable farms, flowing rivers, and thriving fish and wildlife.  The other promises desiccated rivers, waterless taps, bird-free skies, and the parched remnants of fields abandoned after the wells run dry.  The better path is clear.  Whether policymakers choose to follow …

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    Nov 11 2014

    Bloggers on Westlands, the BDCP, Prop 1, groundwater, climate change and Mono Lake, “peak” water use, ‘waters of the U.S.’ and more …

    Agreeing to disagree:  John Bass writes:  “Don Peracchi, President of Westlands Water District, published this advertisement in the LAT over the weekend. Titled “A Little Straight Talk About Agriculture, Saving Water and Drainage,” it is certainly very straight talk – straight from the point of view of a very influential and impressively well-organized interest group.  …

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    Nov 04 2014

    Bloggers on drought, water bond ‘czars’, the Reber plan for SF Bay, designing dams for climate change, a water bond prediction, and more …

    California water bond on election eve: Did political leadership push Prop 1 over the finish line? Rod Smith writes: “Sitting before my computer at sundown November 3rd, thinking about whether California voters will pass the 2014 water bond?  Hydrowonk believes the outcome depends on the balance among three factors: will the drought and political leadership …

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    Oct 28 2014

    Bloggers on the water bond, water and rice, making hay out of dams, wicked problems or wicked actors, BDCP, fish survival, sexy groundwater and more …

    Governor Reveals True Intent of Prop. 1 – the Brown Water Plan, says Dan Bacher: He writes: “After months of misrepresenting the true purpose of Proposition 1, Governor Jerry Brown “inadvertently undermined his own message” at a recent Stanford water conference, according to a statement from Prop. 1 opponents. Brown, one of the worst governors …

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    Oct 21 2014

    Blog round-up: Groundwater, climate change, drought, desal, water markets, the water bond, the anti-commons and more …

    Groundwater experts, water law experts, and conservation groups tell the Forest Service to do more to protect groundwater: Marcus Griswold writes: “Responding to a proposed agency-wide U.S. Forest Service groundwater policy, more than 125 groundwater scientists, legal experts, and conservation groups call on the Forest Service’s Chief Tidwell and U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Secretary Vilsack …

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    Oct 14 2014

    Bloggers on the water bond, groundwater regulation, Delta smelt court case, BDCP, drought, water rates, and more …

    It’s a wide-ranging blog round-up this week, starting with the water bond … Water Bond Will Support Long-Term Water Reliability for the Sacramento Region and State: “The Sacramento region has been leading the state in water conservation this year–an outstanding accomplishment that is helping California withstand the multi-year drought. This achievement is a result of …

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    Oct 07 2014

    Bloggers on the water bond, the “Porterville Problem”, the tunnels, the Endangered Species Act, water subsidies and more …

    Will the water bond deliver?  Families Protecting the Valley writes:  “Some of our friends don’t understand our reluctance to show enthusiasm for Prop 1, the Water Bond. Why not support it? What do we have to lose, they say. Before we answer those questions we would like to tell you why we have some of …

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    Sep 30 2014

    Blog round-up: All politics is local. Is water?, the new American dustbowl, the future of farming, suction dredge mining, the water bond, groundwater and more …

    All politics is local.  Is water? Not really, says the Water Wired blog:  Michael Campana responds to a tweet by Maggie Catley-Carlson that said “Water is three things — local, local and local” :  ” … I have met Maggie on three occasions and was impressed on every occasion. A smart, articulate WaterWonk. Yes, a …

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    Sep 23 2014

    Bloggers on groundwater, drought, climate change and more …

    New groundwater policy brings California into the 21st century:  Marcus Griswold writes: “For decades, California’s voluntary Groundwater Management Plans have effectively failed to protect the people and ecosystems that depend on this water. Too many people are siphoning off water from our extremely limited resources, resulting in declining groundwater levels, sinking of land, and drying …

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    Sep 16 2014

    Blog round-up: Demythologizing the Drought ‘Demythologizers’, San Joaquin River restoration, virtual hiking Tuolumne Meadows, war dances, groundwater, Sites Reservoir and more …

    Demythologizing California’s Drought ‘Demythologizers’: Wayne Lusvardi writes: “Recently, the Washington Post published “Five Myths About California’s Drought” by Richard Howlitt and Jay Lund, two professors at the University of California at Davis as part of its weekly “five myths feature” challenging everything you think you know. Howlitt and Lund wield the sword of “myth” against …

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    Sep 09 2014

    Bloggers on the twin tunnels, the water bond, groundwater legislation, water conservation, salmon, mudsnails and more …

    Twin Tunnels Could Produce Friant Dry Year Water Woes: The Friant Waterline writes: “While “progress” on the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan’s ambitious and controversial twin tunnels planning continues to mostly be marked by delay, Friant Division contractors and the Friant Water Authority are looking long and hard at findings in troubling computer modeling.  Friant Water Authority …

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    Sep 02 2014

    Blog round-up: Turn on the pumps to save the smelt … ?, the BDCP, water pirates, water bond and more …

    Turn on the pumps to save the smelt, say Families Protecting the Valley:  They write: “We’ve never been fans of environmental science when it comes to the Delta Smelt.  Sure, the enviros have used their sloppy science to take water from farmers in the Valley, but they’ve never been able to defend their sloppy science …

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    Aug 26 2014

    Blog round-up: Bloggers on the Hetch Hetchy lawsuit, the water bond, legislation, urban water use and more, plus Andy Lipkis and MWD’s Kightlinger do the Ice Bucket Challenge

    Hetch Hetchy lawsuit: Courtroom pushback on water: Congressman Devin Nunes writes:  “Environmentalists are looking to complete their destruction of the California water supply by pushing legislation to regulate groundwater usage. For a glimpse of what the enviros have already wrought, look at the U.S. Drought Monitor’s list of the top U.S. cities that are running …

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    Aug 19 2014

    Bloggers have plenty to say on the water bond, plus desalination in drought, water rationing, BDCP, almond farming, food waste, groundwater, and … a salmon cannon … ??!?

    Revised water bond is the right response to California’s drought: Kate Poole writes: “A broad array of stakeholders and interest groups, including NRDC, joined Governor Brown today to call for action on a proposed water bond that is slimmed down, focused on a key set of investments, and far superior to the $11.1 billion bond …

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    Aug 12 2014

    Bloggers on the water bond, drought, legislation, habitat restoration and more, plus will conserving water contribute to global warming?

    One billion difference between the two bond measures, says the Cal Watchdog blog: Wayne Lusvardi writes: “It’s becoming clear the main difference between the four major water bonds being floated is $1 billion.  The $1 billion is the difference between the $3 billion Republicans say is needed for water storage, and the $2 billion in …

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