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Blog round-up: Ten realities for managing the Delta, Tunnel economics and seismic risks, paying for subsidence impacts, water markets, pot, alfalfa, El Nino, and more …

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Ten realities for managing the Delta: Peter Moyle writes, “I have been working on Delta fishes for nearly 40 years. Increasingly, I have curmudgeonly thoughts about what is needed to make the ecosystem work better. Here I present these thoughts as “Ten Realities” – statements of the obvious that are often overlooked in public debates about the system.  Reality No. […]

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Blog round-up: Speaker Boehner blames CA drought on Obama, Public land management at a crossroads, Water wars from the top of the watershed, Groundwater crap detecting 101, and more …


Speaker Boehner blames California drought on Obama:  “House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) took to Facebook on Tuesday to recast California’s worst drought in 1200 years as a “man-made water shortage” — not worsened by climate change, but by President Obama himself.  He also asserted that, in the midst of the historic Dust Bowl conditions, Americans still have a God-given right […]

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Blog round-up: Bloggers on the tunnel plan, the recent curtailment ruling, water rights, tragedy of the commons – CA drought style, HR 2898, El Nino, and more …


What to look for in the new Delta tunnels plan: Kate Poole writes, “Late last week, the Brown Administration released its latest analysis of the proposal to build two massive tunnels under California’s Bay-Delta estuary — the largest estuary on the west coast of the Americas — to divert water from the Sacramento River to agricultural and municipal users in […]

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Blog round-up: Virtual water versus real water; Legal pot growing would only require 10,000 acres; Delta voluntary cuts challenged; plus almonds and transfers, drought bills, groundwater, river restoration, water markets and more …

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California drought: Virtual water versus real water:  Jay Lund writes, “There has been considerable kvetching during this drought about California exporting agricultural products overseas, with some saying that this implies we are virtually exporting water that we should be using in California.  Those concerned should take comfort with California’s major imports of virtual water. Much of the food consumed here […]

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Blog round up: Temperature management on the Sacramento River, Economist advise how to manage drought, changing California’s water rights system, Arizona’s Colorado River zeitgeist and more …

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Better reservoir management would take the heat off the salmon:  Jeff Mount writes, “Over the past few weeks, the state’s largest reservoir—Shasta—has been in the spotlight as managers struggle to meet multiple demands with dwindling reserves. Surface reservoirs are central to managing California’s water supplies for a variety of purposes. However, during extended droughts, when the amount of water in […]

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Bloggers on the State Water Contractors lawsuit, Delta tunnel alternatives, CEQA exemptions, drought, water conservation, groundwater, the salmon cannon and more …

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State Water Contractors are not satisfied until they grab every last drop of water out of the Delta Watershed, says Restore the Delta:  “Restore the Delta (RTD), the leading opponents of Gov. Brown’s rush to build massive underground water tunnels that would drain the Delta and doom sustainable farms, salmon and other Pacific fisheries, today responded to the Metropolitan Water […]

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Blog round up: Who pays for infrastructure damaged by subsidence?, Is 2% enough to save the salmon industry?, California water management dilemma, CEQA and the drought, and more …

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Fairness and paying for infrastructure broken by subsidence:  On the Public Record responds to a recent article in which Michelle Sneed and Claudia Faunt recall how they have contacted agencies and businesses to inquire about damages done by subsidence in the Central Valley, and are finding out that these damages are not recognized and tracked, but rather simply fixed as […]

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Blog round-up: Why farming needs the new groundwater law, The nature and extent of agriculture should be an intentional choice, What the EPA’s Fracking and Drinking Water Study really says, and more …

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Why farming needs the new groundwater law:  Sarge Green, Ellen Hanak, and David Zoldoske write, “A groundwater deficit is growing in key agricultural areas of California. The double-whammy of the extended drought and longer-term reductions in surface water deliveries for environmental needs has pushed many farmers into using ever-more groundwater, at rates that can’t be sustained. In average years, about […]

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Bloggers on Australia, the drought, Moby, almonds, the drought barrier, water cuts, earthquake risks and Delta levees, the ‘waters of the US’, the use and abuse of science, Fresno’s water follies, and more …

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Australia didn’t get serious until their 6th year of drought. Two more dry years to go!: On the Public Record writes, “We spent a lot of time looking to Australia for answers during the last drought.  My conclusion after listening to a series of Australian visitors was that they don’t actually have much to offer us.  … The public billboards: “Grant […]

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Blog round-up: Immanuel Kant and the California Water Crisis, Is Australia’s water rights system coming to CA?, Delta stressors, water cuts, drought, and more …


Immanuel Kant and the California Water Crisis: Johnathan Zasloff writes, “Last week’s rain in southern California will hardly make a dent in the state’s devastating drought, and it raises an important question for individual consumers: exactly how should we decide how much water to use? There are obvious things: don’t hose down your driveway, take shorter showers, do full loads […]

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