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Bloggers on the State Water Contractors lawsuit, Delta tunnel alternatives, CEQA exemptions, drought, water conservation, groundwater, the salmon cannon and more …

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State Water Contractors are not satisfied until they grab every last drop of water out of the Delta Watershed, says Restore the Delta:  “Restore the Delta (RTD), the leading opponents of Gov. Brown’s rush to build massive underground water tunnels that would drain the Delta and doom sustainable farms, salmon and other Pacific fisheries, today responded to the Metropolitan Water […]

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Blog round up: Who pays for infrastructure damaged by subsidence?, Is 2% enough to save the salmon industry?, California water management dilemma, CEQA and the drought, and more …

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Fairness and paying for infrastructure broken by subsidence:  On the Public Record responds to a recent article in which Michelle Sneed and Claudia Faunt recall how they have contacted agencies and businesses to inquire about damages done by subsidence in the Central Valley, and are finding out that these damages are not recognized and tracked, but rather simply fixed as […]

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Blog round-up: Why farming needs the new groundwater law, The nature and extent of agriculture should be an intentional choice, What the EPA’s Fracking and Drinking Water Study really says, and more …

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Why farming needs the new groundwater law:  Sarge Green, Ellen Hanak, and David Zoldoske write, “A groundwater deficit is growing in key agricultural areas of California. The double-whammy of the extended drought and longer-term reductions in surface water deliveries for environmental needs has pushed many farmers into using ever-more groundwater, at rates that can’t be sustained. In average years, about […]

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Bloggers on Australia, the drought, Moby, almonds, the drought barrier, water cuts, earthquake risks and Delta levees, the ‘waters of the US’, the use and abuse of science, Fresno’s water follies, and more …

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Australia didn’t get serious until their 6th year of drought. Two more dry years to go!: On the Public Record writes, “We spent a lot of time looking to Australia for answers during the last drought.  My conclusion after listening to a series of Australian visitors was that they don’t actually have much to offer us.  … The public billboards: “Grant […]

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Blog round-up: Immanuel Kant and the California Water Crisis, Is Australia’s water rights system coming to CA?, Delta stressors, water cuts, drought, and more …


Immanuel Kant and the California Water Crisis: Johnathan Zasloff writes, “Last week’s rain in southern California will hardly make a dent in the state’s devastating drought, and it raises an important question for individual consumers: exactly how should we decide how much water to use? There are obvious things: don’t hose down your driveway, take shorter showers, do full loads […]

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Bloggers on Delta smelt survival, curtailments, Saracino resignation, twin tunnels aka California Water Fix, Central Valley ag, water numbers, recycled water, suction dredge mining, and more …

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Q&A on survival of Delta smelt – on and off the air:  The California Water Blog writes, “Fox News correspondent William La Jeunesse recently spoke with Moyle about the survival of the much politicized tiny fish, a federally designated “threatened” species with protections that at times have curbed the flow of water to many cities and farms. The interview resulted […]

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Blog round-up: Phony drought forums, Drought regs and lawns, almonds, the new ‘California Water Fix’, water bond blunders, and more …

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Phony drought forums:  Families Protecting the Valley writes, “It’s going to be difficult to find answers to the California drought if the right questions aren’t being asked.  Every time we see a drought forum we know it will be the same old story with the same old answers.  The State agriculture board held their drought forum at the Fresno Fairgrounds […]

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Blog round-up: The Governor’s revised Delta fix, rationing, drought, the righteousness of almonds, water markets, and more, plus California Water Crisis: The Board Game

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Governor Brown attempts to justify the $15+ billion construction cost of the Delta tunnels. “Yes, this costs money, but compared to what? A stadium? (Water) is the basis of human existence.”:  Jeff Michael writes, ““Compared to what?” That’s actually a good framework for thinking about the wisdom of investing tens of billions of dollars in the Delta Tunnels.  But the […]

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Blog round-up: Breathtakingly bad CA drought journalism – and even worse, the water rights system, farms and wildlife, top four drought myths, almond siege, food prices, and more …

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Some breathtakingly bad California drought journalism:  John Fleck writes, “I’ve been avoiding wasting time on the “someone’s wrong on the Internet about California drought” genre – so much is being written that is so bad. But Elijah Wolfson’s Newsweek cover story (I won’t link, find it if you must) is so breathtakingly well-researched-and-written-ly bad that I’ll let it stand in […]

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Blog round-up: Managing tough trade-offs in the Delta, More almonds? Make them prove they have water first, Regulating the drought in California: the drawbacks of the bottom-up approach, and more …

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Managing tough trade-offs in the Delta:  Jeffrey Mount and Ellen Hanak write, “One key source of conflict over the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta is the competition over who gets to use the water. During droughts, this competition becomes acute, especially when it comes to decisions about how much water flows out to sea versus how much gets exported to cities and […]

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