Blog round-up: There’s always drought somewhere in the West; Not enough water for wildlife in Feinstein drought legislation; On the Public Record responds to recent commentaries, Water markets, tunnels, and more …

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There’s always drought somewhere in the West:  Jelena Jezdimirovic and Jeffrey Mount and write, “Thanks to the January rains, hopes for an end to the latest drought are rising along with reservoir levels. But the reality is, drought is occurring somewhere in the West practically all the time.  Over the past decade, except for a few brief wet periods, more […]

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Blog round-up: When it comes to drought readiness, 2016 is a far cry from 1991; Tipping points: How 2016 will shape the future; Flint: A water quality reminder for California; Palo Verde alfalfa; and more …


When it comes to drought readiness, 2016 is a far cry from 1991:  Tim Quinn writes, “In January 1991, local water managers were bracing for a fifth year of drought. Key reservoirs were at just 50% of historic average and steep cutbacks were announced for both the State Water Project (SWP) and the Central Valley Project (CVP).  Faced with severe […]

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Blog round-up: Bloggers on “Regulatory flexibility”, Delta pumping restrictions, Cal Water Fix, native freshwater fish, Sites Reservoir, alfalfa exports, and more …

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Another Year of “Regulatory Flexibility” in Response to California’s Drought May Lead to Extinction: Doug Obegi writes, “More than 40 years ago, a bipartisan Congress enacted – and President Nixon signed into law – the Endangered Species Act. The Act effectively declares that human beings have a moral obligation not to so fundamentally alter the Earth that we drive other […]

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Blog round-up: Preparing for climate change, On the Public Record on CA Water 2.0; SGMA one year in, El Nino, Colorado River basin shortage, and more …

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Governor urges water managers to prepare for climate change:  “Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown spoke at the release of the updated State Water Action Plan, emphasizing the impact of climate change on water resources and the importance of applying climate science to water planning. At the release, one of his senior staff, Wade Crowfoot, put a finer point on it:  […]

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Blog round-up: Water and drought on TV; State’s ecosystems face a flood of changes; Faux Latino grassroots groups; The Coming Groundwater Revolution; Water rationing will never end; and more …

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California water and drought on the TV box: Faith Kearns writes, “I’m a television watcher — or more accurately, a watcher of what passes for TV these days: streaming things onto various screens. What can I say? I adore pop culture and I work pretty hard with my brain all day and sometimes it likes to rest on entirely brainless […]

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Blog round-up: Proposed changes to urban conservation regs; Record low numbers of Delta fish species, Sierra Nevada-Colorado Basin linkage, Law & Water: Jimmy Kimmel-style, and more …

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Proposed Emergency Urban Water Conservation Regulation Framework’s “No Stacking Rule” Could Undermine Regional Water Planning: Tim Quinn writes, “On Dec. 21, State Water Resources Control Board staff lifted the curtain a bit and shared their initial thinking on what could be in store for emergency drought regulation in 2016. While the draft framework for the next version of the emergency […]

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Blog round-up: Land subsidence, Cal Water Fix, Prop 1 water storage funding, salmon, fish farming, and more …

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The earth is falling!  Land subsidence and water management in California: Jay Lund, Thomas Harter, Rob Gaily, Rick Frank, and Graham Fogg write, “Groundwater problems are mostly invisible.  However, as California has come to rely more on groundwater during the drought, land subsidence from groundwater drawdown and accumulating overdraft has become a visible concern in some areas.  Some of this […]

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Blog round-up: California’s drought response, protecting freshwater fish, SGMA implementation, water and politics, federal spending bill, and more …

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How California can improve its drought response in 2016: Kate Poole writes, “The most difficult part of solving any problem is admitting that it exists. Only then can real progress be made. For many years, we witnessed climate deniers hold the world back from tackling climate change because they rejected the notion that a problem existed. With the recent breakthrough […]

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Blog round-up: Urban water conservation regs, environmental water budgets, damn dams, retiring farm acreage, water storage, and more …

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Improving mandatory State cutbacks of urban water use for a 5th year of drought: Jay Lund writes, “There is usually great uncertainty about when a drought will end, but certainty that longer droughts bring tougher economic and ecosystem conditions as water in aquifers and reservoirs is further depleted.  Long droughts, like the current one, also bring opportunities to use water more efficiently, […]

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Blog round-up: The federal drought rider, the Delta island ‘grab’, coequal Delta science, saving wild salmon, water markets, improving water allocations, water conservation’s dark underbelly, and more …

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Drought Rider Jeopardizes California Salmon and other Endangered Species: “A draft drought rider to the omnibus appropriations bill, which was leaked to the press last week, proposes to significantly weaken environmental protections for salmon and other endangered species in California’s Bay-Delta estuary. Numerous provisions of the bill would undermine scientifically justified environmental protections in order to pump even more water […]

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