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Blog round-up: Measuring the effectiveness of environmental flows; Why California environmentalists hate water; A lesson in Delta water, the Salton Sea: Natural or not? and more …

Purple water fire

Measuring the effectiveness of environmental flows:  Ann Willis and Andrew Nichols write, “In the early fall of 2012, an unusually large number of Chinook salmon were returning to the Klamath River, straddling the California-Oregon border. Many of those fish were expected to swim upstream to the Shasta River, prompting emergency actions to increase stream flows in the upstream tributary.  When […]

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Blog round-up: Bombs, guns, and lawsuits each have a similar purpose; More Delta wrangling; plus Delta tunnels, water markets, ballot initiatives, and more …

Mother Nature by Andre Vandal

  Bombs, guns, and lawsuits each have a similar purpose: Todd Fitchette writes, “Some media statements are so ripe with contradictions they’re laughable. Sadly, people believe them, along with the false premises and outright lies contained within.  Recently a gaggle of activist groups announced changes in their legal complaint against the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and California rice growers because […]

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Bloggers on water markets, one-stop shopping for native fish, groundwater, the water bond, and more …

Dormant Dreams by Pacheco

Trying to apply techniques from Australia’s water market is a mess:  On the Public Record writes, “I gotta tell you, I feel as if I’ve stumbled into quicksand.  I’ve accidentally gone up a level of complexity, and can’t draw conclusions that I am sure of (I try to only write here when I trust my thought).  I keep reading more […]

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Blog round-up: The Delta tunnels, native fishes, water quality, El Nino, salmon, drought, Maury Roos, and more …

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Why the NRDC opposes the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (aka Delta tunnels): Doug Obegi writes, “Today, in partnership with several conservation and fishing organizations, NRDC submitted extensive comments on the latest environmental analysis of the proposed Bay Delta Conservation Plan, which has been rebranded as the California WaterFix (this is the state’s latest proposal to two construct two massive tunnels […]

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Blog round-up: The Australian experience, fish species update, water governance, drought restrictions and political bias, water taboos, almonds, Cadiz, and more …

New Bay Bridge by David Yu

Learn from the Australian experience, indeed – don’t make our mistakes:  Hayden Cudmore and Stefanie Schulte from New South Wales, Australia write, “Water reform has been ongoing in Australia for some 35 years. The advent of the 2007 Water Act in legislation and subsequent Murray Darling Basin Plan (MDBP) very much accelerated the process beyond reason. Although still maturing, Australia […]

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Blog round-up: Capturing El Niño for the underground; Space age technology to assist with SGMA implementation; water rights, Delta tunnels cost, Dueling drought relief bills, and more …

Point Dume Big Bang by Pacheco

Capturing El Niño for the underground: Philip Bachand, Helen Dahlke, William Horwath, Thomas Harter and Toby O’Geen write, “A much-anticipated “Godzilla” El Niño this winter may refill California’s drought-diminished reservoirs, but it won’t do much to restock the severely depleted aquifers we rely upon to get by during droughts.  One reason for this is the sheer depth of California’s precipitation […]

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Blog round-up: Delta tunnels and water quality, Groundwater adjudication reform, New irrigation system tradeoffs, Water conservation for the birds, Secret water deals, The tragedy of ‘paracommons’ and more …

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Delta tunnels plan violates the Clean Water Act:  Restore the Delta writes: “The Federal and State agencies responsible for issuing permits before any construction of the Delta Tunnels Project can begin, have been alerted that (as proposed) the project will violate federal law.  A 15-page letter outlines multiple violations of the federal Clean Water Act if the project is built […]

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Blog round-up: A water rights book club, Phil Isenberg on drought in the Delta, Private poll shows strong support for tunnels, Governor blows off farmers, and more …

Colors in the Wind by Serena

On the Public Record notes the increased interest in water rights:  OtPR writes, “This talk, at UCLA.  This talk, in Sacramento.  An article about water rights being politically toxic, which prompted a few thoughts … Opposition to water rights reform is going to stay constant until a new system is proposed, and then winners under the new system can start advocating […]

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Blog round-up: The banality of California’s ‘1200 year’ drought; How Australia actually managed their drought, Pricing water, optimism in water politics, and more …

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The banality of California’s ‘1200 year’ drought:  Jay Lund writes, “California’s ongoing drought will continue to break records and grab headlines, but it is unlikely to be especially rare from a water policy and management perspective.  Estimates of the current drought’s rarity range from once in 15 years to once in 1,200 years (Griffin and Anchukaitis 2014), depending on the […]

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Blog round-up: Shades of Owens Valley in the Delta?, The project that could have saved the US from drought, A bad water deal, A special session on drought, and more …

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Shades of Owens Valley: Metropolitan Water District and Westlands Water District Moving to Purchase Delta Property Parcels in Path of Proposed Delta Tunnels Project:  Restore the Delta writes, “On Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 8:30 AM, behind closed doors, MWD’s executive committee has scheduled what appears to be the purchase of parcels for the proposed massive Delta Tunnels project.  The Agenda for the […]

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