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Blog round-up: Delta smelt’s unsung relative seems verging on extinction, too; Want to see the wells causing more than a foot of subsidence at Check 20 of the California Aqueduct?; plus bloggers on critically overdrafted basins, Delta tunnels, drought, water rights and more …

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Delta smelt’s unsung relative seems verging on extinction, too: James Hobbs and Peter Moyle write, “Another native fish of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta appears to be rivaling the cliffhanger status of the delta smelt.  In the past two years, the lesser-known longfin smelt has slipped down to the single digits in trawl surveys of Delta fish populations.  The dramatic downturn is […]

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Blog round-up: Eminent domain and the BDCP, Troglodytes defend the Governor’s tunnels, Optimism and the hazards of technology; Why groundwater regulation fails; and more …

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Questions over acquiring land for twin tunnels: Alex Breitler writes, “Delta advocates want more details about the mysterious “property acquisition plan” (part 1, part 2) that received quite a bit of attention last week.  In a letter to state and federal officials on Thursday, the Local Agencies of the North Delta asked loads of questions about the origin of the […]

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Blog round-up: Does real-time water data really cause people to use less? plus bloggers on the drought, Delta tunnels documents, groundwater management, urban water management plans, and more …

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Real time water data causes people to use more water, not less:  John Fleck writes, “The idea of installing smart water meters is in vogue these days, with the idea that water users, if made more aware of how much water they’re using all the time (rather than just when they get their monthly bills), will use less:  “In the […]

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Blog round-up: Infrastructure ballot initiative; tunnels vs. Bay Bridge; CA Land use decisions and Stalin; Counties role in SGMA; and more …

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Deceptive Initiative Would Disrupt Vital Infrastructure Projects: Allan Zaremburg writes, “At a time when California is running far behind making even the basic investments in maintaining our vital infrastructure, a proposed 2016 ballot measure would seriously disrupt our ability to fix crumbling roads, improve water supplies, and build new schools and other public works. It could also prevent timely fixes […]

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Bloggers on water rights, the clean water rule, poll supporting farm water, getting more crops per drop, using agroecology to survive droughts, is Gov. Brown and enviro saint or sinner? and more …

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Water rights: What’s next?  On the Public Record writes, “This week we get a lengthy article on the problems of our water rights system and an op-ed pointing out that the Reasonable Use Doctrine is just sitting there, waiting for the State Board to ask it to come out and play.  I thought Wilson’s op-ed on the Reasonable Use Doctrine was about […]

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Blog round-up: Ten realities for managing the Delta, Tunnel economics and seismic risks, paying for subsidence impacts, water markets, pot, alfalfa, El Nino, and more …

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Ten realities for managing the Delta: Peter Moyle writes, “I have been working on Delta fishes for nearly 40 years. Increasingly, I have curmudgeonly thoughts about what is needed to make the ecosystem work better. Here I present these thoughts as “Ten Realities” – statements of the obvious that are often overlooked in public debates about the system.  Reality No. […]

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Blog round-up: Speaker Boehner blames CA drought on Obama, Public land management at a crossroads, Water wars from the top of the watershed, Groundwater crap detecting 101, and more …


Speaker Boehner blames California drought on Obama:  “House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) took to Facebook on Tuesday to recast California’s worst drought in 1200 years as a “man-made water shortage” — not worsened by climate change, but by President Obama himself.  He also asserted that, in the midst of the historic Dust Bowl conditions, Americans still have a God-given right […]

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Blog round-up: Bloggers on the tunnel plan, the recent curtailment ruling, water rights, tragedy of the commons – CA drought style, HR 2898, El Nino, and more …


What to look for in the new Delta tunnels plan: Kate Poole writes, “Late last week, the Brown Administration released its latest analysis of the proposal to build two massive tunnels under California’s Bay-Delta estuary — the largest estuary on the west coast of the Americas — to divert water from the Sacramento River to agricultural and municipal users in […]

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Blog round-up: Virtual water versus real water; Legal pot growing would only require 10,000 acres; Delta voluntary cuts challenged; plus almonds and transfers, drought bills, groundwater, river restoration, water markets and more …

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California drought: Virtual water versus real water:  Jay Lund writes, “There has been considerable kvetching during this drought about California exporting agricultural products overseas, with some saying that this implies we are virtually exporting water that we should be using in California.  Those concerned should take comfort with California’s major imports of virtual water. Much of the food consumed here […]

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Blog round up: Temperature management on the Sacramento River, Economist advise how to manage drought, changing California’s water rights system, Arizona’s Colorado River zeitgeist and more …

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Better reservoir management would take the heat off the salmon:  Jeff Mount writes, “Over the past few weeks, the state’s largest reservoir—Shasta—has been in the spotlight as managers struggle to meet multiple demands with dwindling reserves. Surface reservoirs are central to managing California’s water supplies for a variety of purposes. However, during extended droughts, when the amount of water in […]

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